Discovering Greg Trooper
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After following the invaluable advice in the AMF thread on internet radio, I discovered Whole Wheat Radio, and there was introduced to an excellent singer-songwriter named Greg Trooper. He's got about six albums in print in one form or another. Since I've found the taste of the All Music Guide reviewers to be...unreliable, is there anyone familiar with Mr. Trooper's work who can suggest where to begin?
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I'd go with Straight Down Rain or this live one. SDR played repeatedly in the backgroud for the eight hours it took me to do a bunch of transmission work, and it never got old. I'm not sure how to get the live album, (I got it from teh guy who recorded the show), but it's pretty good. Greg's the real deal.
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This is great music.
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I'll repeat the recommendation for Straight Down Rain. It's an excellent album.
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Glad you liked WholeWheatRadio ;)
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