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Ipod Q2: Ipod and OS9? One of my closest friends got a 10gig newest gen Ipod, but doesn't use/have OSX...any way to use it? the icon shows up on the desktop but Itunes doesn't recognize it...it came with only X software, and downloading older Ipod software for OS9 didn't work (neither Restore or Update worked). How to stop it from being a stylish paperweight?
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Don't think he can. He can trade it to me for my 5 gig if he likes. :-)
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Is your friend on at least 9.2 with the latest iTunes for OS 9? I have seen reports that the new iPods will work under this configuration, despite what the manual says, but I have not had a reason to confirm it myself.

Otherwise, I see three good options and one unlikely idea:

1. Have a friend load it with music.

2. Find someone with a Windows machine and use it there. This will require reformatting the iPod.

3. Trade it or sell it for an OS 9-compatible version.

4. This is speculative, because I have not tried it. Use any of the programs designed to manually copy files to and from the iPod and OS 9. Versiontracker shows many. The files may need to be copied to a specific folder, and the XML file which serves as the music index may need to be edited.
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I have an iPod interacting with OS 9.2.2 and iTunes 2.0. You can't get the latest iTunes (read: no purchasing) but it works just fine. Note that I have a first-gen iPod; I am not sure of any firmware differences in the 3G model.
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What about just using OS X? Any Mac with a FireWire port -- needed for that iPod -- should be able to run it well enough. Any reason why this isn't an option?
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I am with McWetboy. It is time to upgrade. I have little sympathy for the OS9 heads, being a switcher from Windows to Jaguar then Panther. Classic Mac people sometimes have an unhealthy attachment to the old school interface, but with time and counseling they may be willing to finally let go and join the bliss that is OSX. Or maybe they just need a home refinancing to buy all their software again.
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Response by poster: OSX is not at all an option bec we're still on 9 for QPS (Quark Publishing System at work). We use G4s with firewire and usb but can't upgrade to X until QPS comes out an X version. I think maybe Mo's option 1 (meaning me) will have to be it unless someone knows a way to get it to work on 9....and I think it's shitty of mac to make it X only, when all the older ipods were 9 and/or X (even some sold just a few months ago).
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Oooh ... spooky. I'm using G4s with 9.2 and QPS at work ... yet my new 10GB ipod works perfectly. It's second-gen however, and that might make the difference. If he wants to trade ...
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Response by poster: bonaldi: did it come with software for 9 and X? maybe that's all we need? Hers came with an X disk only (pkg file)
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I used X at home where it doesn't matter, but my work Mac is at 9.2. That won't be changing anytime soon because of Outlook and because of Quark and because X is slower and more obtrusive and font management is a pain, and ... well and because X is still not a good choice for a design production environment. It will boot to X though. I just spend most of my time in 9.2.

I didn't realize the the 3rd gen iPods require X. Given that though, the best choice is probably to throw a version of X (probably Jaguar which I think they're still selling or maybe a friend has) on the machine and boot into it when you need to access the iPod. Alternately, I guess you could put VirtualPC on there and boot to that and use the windows version of iTunes.

I saw on some mailing list that updating the firewire drivers might help get a 3rd gen iPod recognized on 9.2. I have no reason to believe they're right, but it's worth a shot I guess.
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*cough*Buy a PC*cough*
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Response by poster: Buy a PC
Actually, she has both a pc (old, running windows98) and an older mac at home (g3, running os9 too).

I'm wondering if maybe there's an ipod plugin that itunes 2 might read? OR maybe we can install older ipod software onto it so that it'll work with 9?
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Dual boot - OS9 and OSX.
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Response by poster: Blue Stone: that's what i have at home (emac), but she doesn't want to have to do that to her machine at home, with partitioning and everything (she's less savvy than me, and i'm not that hot).

Right now, it looks like i'll be her designated ipod feeder, starting this wkend--if anyone has a solution, please post it, and thanks! : >
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My best advice is to search the iPodlounge Forums or ask a question under the Mac > Software section.
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Response by poster: I checked there first riff, but thanks...maybe i'll post my question there and see
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*cough* switch from Quark to Indesign *cough*

caveat: I don't know what I'm talking about, really.
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