What fun things are there to do in Gulf County, Florida?
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Vacationfilter: Anyone know any cool things to do, sights to see, or places to eat in Gulf County, Florida?

My parents vacation around Cape San Blas every year, and sometimes I am obliged to go with them. It's always great staying in the beach house, swimming and scalloping in the bay... but that is about all we do. Anyone have any good tips on things to experience down there? We will be there all next week. Thanks!
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I was just there (for an obligatory family trip as well) this past early May. It was still off-season down there, so it may be entirely different, but I didn't see much to do other than your typical beach stuff. So I spent my time reading, playing Scrabble, hanging on the beach, drinking, and watching the NBA and NHL playoffs.

However, there's a restaurant called Loggerheads (no apparent website) that isn't to be missed. Unfortunately, I didn't go there until lunch on my way back to the airport, but it was *really* good. The Granny Smith Apple bread pudding with caramel sauce was divine (and I'm not a sweets kind of person). I'll definitely hit it back up a couple of times next time I find myself down there.
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