What online streams do you listen to?
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I'm looking for new radio stations to listen to - anyone care to share their online streams that they listen to? [more]
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I use Public Radio Fan.
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Response by poster: I really like the SomaFM stuff (all of it), and Radio Paradise isn't bad, and I'm pretty open to just about anything, with the exception of MOR or top 40 stuff.

Classical, oldies, jazz, alternative / indie, funk / R&B, old / alt country (no new country, though), eclectic, etc. - anything goes!
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If you like SomaFM, you'll probably like Monkey Radio, if you haven't heard of it already.
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The only two online radio stations I listen to are WFMU from New Jersey and KEXP [formerly KCMU] from Seattle. FMU is a weird mix of just about anything while KEXP varies but mostly carries lefty political programming weekend mornings and a mix of indie/college/alt.country the rest of the time with a few good evening shows that have electronica or other dj-based music. WMSE in Milwaukee is also really good but I haven't listened to it in quite a while. They had one of the best record sales I have erver been to.
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I also notice that KBCS has a stream now. I used to listen to them live in Seattle. They have a Hawaiian music show that really reminds you what independent radio is great for.
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radio k


? for starters.

this looks cool too:

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Something for all tastes via the BBC.

I find myself listening to 6music for music, particularly Andrew Collins teatime show, and Five Live for news and stuff.

Ocassionally, BBC7 for comedy, though I run into too much ancient stuff from the 50's and 60's for my tastes.

And since I got Winamp5, I'm exploring all the shoutcast stations it provides, which is quite fun.
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If your tastes veer anywhere near the alternative, then in my opinion you really can't do better than the legendary Solid Steel, or John "we're not worthy" Peel.
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"London's First Radio Art Station" - Resonance FM.
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Mostly Classical and Otto's Baroque Musick. If these aren't doing it for me or if I feel like searching for new alternatives, I go hunting at Shoutcast.

I used to listen to Beethoven Radio, but they lost their MP3 stream provider; their choices are now either low-bandwidth streams or high bandwidth via a Real One subscription -- no thanks.
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For what it is worth, I really like challenging sushi (live 365 link) and gaydar radio. Different stuff for different moods. I almost never hear anything I own, which is a plus.
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For something a little different - Whole Wheat Radio broadcasts from a shed in Alaska, with a mix of jazz, blues, and folk mainly. It's chill, they often do live broadcasts with a real DJ, and the web site has a cool interface where you can submit requests and chat with other listeners.
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I'm a fan of Radio Paradise. Reasonably eclectic rock and pop mix.
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Another shout-out for Whitesburg, KY's WMMT (posted previously here.)
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i second the votes for WFMU and KEXP and throw in KALX for good measure.

here's an old metafilter thread on good streaming radio stations. some of the sites mentioned are gone, but a good number of them are still around.
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I second the mention of the BBC's Music 6. It's really great, and not only that, the first day I listened to it I won a DVD by answering a trivia question via e-mail. ;) There just aren't that many stations that will play an obscure XTC track followed by Tone Loc followed by recent Radiohead followed by the Specials followed by a current hit followed by the Yardbirds... nice variety. If you hear a crap song it will most likely be followed by a great one.

If you like power pop (as in Beatlesque pop in the Posies, Jellyfish, Fountains of Wayne vein), may I recommend my own station, d23Radio?
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Here's a newer metafilter thread on good streaming radio stations.
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A couple of hours of the badgers is strangely hypnotic. You might also try Fluffertrax or Spamradio.

I play the Secret Agent feed from SomaFM during my lab sections. Drives the little darlings nutso.
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kcrw.org, Southern California's best radio station, and possibly the best NPR station in America. Check out Metropolis with DJ Jason Bentley - that's my favorite show.
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Response by poster: Beautiful! Thanks, everyone!
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