Non-US radio, please
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What are your favorite non-American radio stations? Bonus points for stations that are available online, and mostly play music that I am unlikely to hear on American radio.
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CBC Radio 3 and BBC 6 music are pretty much what I listen to while surfing metafilter at work.
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Do you want English speaking radios or are you interested in other radios?
One of the radios I like for their variety of music genres is Espace Musique (Radio Canada). (Click on "Écouter espace musique" at the top of the page).
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Response by poster: I want all languages. It was listening to a Brazilian station online that got me thinking about this (but I don't want to exclude anglophone stations, either).
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Africa No. 1 from Libreville, Gabon.
FM Addis from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
MEDI 1 from Tangier, Morocco. (The Windows Media stream seems to be broken for me, but the Real Media stream works.)
Radio Cairo from Cairo, Egypt.
Radio Patriote from Bamako, Mali.
Radio Tunis (Culture Channel) from Tunis, Tunisia. (If you don't read Arabic, it's the second button over from the top; the streaming URL includes "CulturellePop.")
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DR Jazz, Copenhagen.
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Response by poster: These are excellent!
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I'll plug the BBC Asian Network.

I go through phases of listening to Radio 1 and I find it interesting that while their playlist overlaps with American pop music to a great extent, the timing's different. Everything is either six months ahead or six months behind the US. That is to be expected, but I find it amusing to discover some song I was sick of six months ago as suddenly become popular.
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I really like Radio-Clásica from Santiago Vazquez, Uruguay. A plus to me is that it's also in AM (as the terrestrial radio station), so it has that fuzzy warmth and far-away quality that FM stations often lack.
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Radiomeuh, La Clusaz, France.
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Oh yeah - they broadcast in Spanish.
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Another favorite is Catalunya Música, broadcasting from Barcelona, Spain. They primarily broadcast in the Catalan language.
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ORF fm4 -- pop music from Austria (hybrid English German)
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CKUA from Alberta Canada.
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Phantom IE! They play stuff that makes it to the US, eventually, but they are light years ahead it seems.
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Radio Caroline
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Best answer: FIP Direct (France). Good mix of pop music of many flavors.
Musique 3, Belgium (French). Classical.
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This isn't a direct answer to the question, but if you use iTunes, you can click on "Radio" in the left-hand sidebar (under the Library at the top), and then go to the "International/World" heading to have over 700 choices of radio from all over the world. It's a fun way to sample this kind of thing without having to visit a zillion separate websites.
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Morning Becomes Eclectic - KCRW is awesome.
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CITR is a student/community radio station out of the University of British Columbia, which has been programming all manner of everything (Abba-to-Zappa) for decades. Piles of podcasts are available.

full reveal: I program a show there
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Response by poster: These are all great. Hippybear, I know about the iTunes thing, but I'm looking for specific recommendations, not just bins full of feeds to sift through. (Though I'm sure others might find that useful.)
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le mouv out of Paris has a fair amount of English language music but little that you'd hear on US terrestrial radio. It has some overlap with BBC Radio 6.

BBC Radio 4 Extra BBC4 without the news. is a great resource for exploring all the stations mentioned here and the (free) app makes it easy to find these stations from anywhere. I haven't used itunes as mentioned by hippybear but it sounds like they work the same way.
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Seconding Espace Musique (of Radio-Canada), their jazz selection is the BEST!
The website features this really cool music streaming thing - I only tried with Jazz and it is sub-divided into New, Apero, Crooners, Vocal Jazz, Latine Jazz, Westcoast, Jazz Standards, and many more, plus special selections focusing on certain time period or artist. I listen to it all the time, and also found it excellent for background music in quiter parties.
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I was contacted by Aquarium Radio about getting access to some of my DJ sets for their programming, so if you like laid-back disco and house music, they're probably a thing you'll enjoy.
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Australian Radio is grouse.

The ABC has lots of stations for you to listen to including JJJ which is good modern music and ABC FM which is classical. You can also get an Australian take on the world with the talk programs.

In addition Melbourne has excellent radio including the community broadcasters RRR and PBS. Both have a lot of different styles of music.

FBI from Sydney is also worth listening to.

While looking for streaming sites from Australia this popped up with a list of stations all around the world that stream Mike's Radio World.
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Contact FM from France for upbeat dance/house music. Don't know if you get enough of this genre in the US.
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Studio Brussel from Belgium.
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Radio Klara, from Belgium, for classical music and jazz.
Radio 3, from Spain, for alt rock and world music.
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Some online stations that I highly recommend are:

Overfitting Disco
Intergalactic FM (which has four different streams)
Radio Stad Den Haag

They cover a fairly wide range of music between them, but it all falls under an umbrella sound of distinctively European dance music, in particular I'd say Dutch & German. Essentially following the continuum of 70s cosmic disco & space disco --> 80s italo disco --> 90s european techno, nu electro & italo revival --> contemporary house, techno, electro and nu disco, with a heavy emphasis on the late seventies & early eighties. There are also live shows (mostly in Dutch I'd say), and various vintage radio adverts, samples, film clips etc, adding to the feel.
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Beyond the Beat Generation is an excellent streaming station of European provenance that plays nothing but, like, garage music and psychedelia recorded between 1964 & 1968. Lots of recordings that, as far as I know, you can't hear anywhere else.
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Basso, particularly the music programs that are on the evening, covering ground from jazz to all sorts of electronic music, via hip-hop and reggae.
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FIP - from France is the most effortlessly cool radio station in the world.

Broadcast from Paris (without commercials) the station is an eclectic and brilliant mix of music, with a slight bias towards Jazz & French music with occasional short news/traffic bulletins. There is only one "feature" a daily jazz cafe show each evening. The presenters rarely interrupt the music, but they have a totally unique soft & sultry tone when they do that somehow manages to turn a traffic report into an almost erotic experience.

It is pretty much all I listen to wherever I am in the world.
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Do you like ambient music? Then weekly Australian Ultima Thule is for you.
George Cruickshank makes a quick introduction in each playlist, then lets the music play itself out.
Soothing, relaxing, mind-opening. For example, who knew that there was an ambient tuba genre. Look for podcast UT858.

The web site lists the artists and pieces that are played during each podcast.
And the site offers archives that go waaaaay back, on iTunes.
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I have SiriusXM, but when I am home and looking for a good chill radio station, this is my go to.
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I like P3Star, which is Swedish. You do get some of the American hits, but mixed in with European stuff.
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Response by poster: Thanks again, everyone. These are all really great. Yesterday I did my physics homework while listening to Radiomeuh, and today I'm doing research to Intergalactic FM. I'm really looking forward to exploring all these suggestions.
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I really like NRK Jazz.
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TSF Jazz - for that 'in Paris in a cheap hotel drinking red wine' vibe.

True story - there's a hotel in the Latin Quarter where the radios in the rooms can pick up nothing but this station.
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Radio Monte Carlo is the sound of Monaco. For good and ill, unfortunately. Sometimes it's magical, and at other times the verisimilitude is a bit more than one might want.
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Nostalgie - Belgian radio focusing on the 30 - 40 something market, only the sappiest clichéd mess from the 80s and 90s!

However what keeps me listening is the ever-so-cheap sounding Flemish advertisements in between the songs.. Makes my daily commute to rural east Flanders much more enjoyable!
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Response by poster: Good lord. Just trying FIP for the first time and it is amazing.
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ocherdraco: "Good lord. Just trying FIP for the first time and it is amazing."

Wow, seconded.
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This (Music India Online) is the best source of indian music I have found so far. Lots of streams of various types of Indian music. I recommend the instrumental classical music ones.
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