Any other writers who have the same writing style as Theroux ?
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Any other writers write like Paul Theroux ?

Do any of ye guyz know of any other travel writers (or otherwise) who have the same writing style of Paul Theroux ?
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I would recommend Nick Tosches, Paul Bowles, Alifa Rifaat, Tayeb Salih, Amitav Ghosh, and Brian Kiteley.
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Nobody has the same writing style as Paul Theroux. What aspects of his style appeal to you most?

I wouldn't describe any of these as being like Theroux, exactly, but they sit on my shelf next to his books:

Fitzroy Maclean - "Eastern Approaches"
Eric Newby - "On the Shores of the Mediterranean"
Jonathan Raban - "Coasting"
Bruce Chatwin - "In Patagonia"
William Least Heat-Moon - "Blue Highways"
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I found Fiskadoro by Denis Johnson to be very similar to The Mosquito Coast, in both style and tone. But I tend to see books as being similar by their "feel" rather than their subject matter, so YMMV.
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Response by poster: what appeals to me about his writing is his brevity, his detail
and that really sublte sense of humour. He is a bit of a sardonic git which I find funny.

Also, he goes beyond making cliches about his surroundings and will go make some obtuse observations that other writers would seem to miss.
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Oops, hit the "post" too quickly there, too. I also thought that Robert McCammon's "A Boy's Life" reminded me of "Millroy the Magician."
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some obtuse observations

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Response by poster: yes I meant astute - thanks staggernation!
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Ian Frazier skews more toward the humorous, but "Great Plains" and some of his non-fiction reminds me a little of Theroux.
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Are you looking for travel writing that's quirky, intelligent, observant and often very funny? Try Bill Bryson, Tim Cahill and Pico Iyer.
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Response by poster: thanks guyz - those suggestions are great - if anyone else has anymore - feel free...
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