Good, simple blogs in Spanish?
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Know of any good blogs in Spanish, written in a pretty simple style?

I know language learning questions have been asked before, but I'm taking Spanish now, and I'm interested in ways to immerse myself in the language both for practice and to get a better feel for the idioms.

I like blogs, and that those in English ones vary greatly in complexity of their prose and use of technical terms. I'm that the community can point me towards some Spanish language blogs that cover interesting topics and are written in a straightforward manner without too much linguistic flourish.
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I've always loved Papel Continuo. In a recent post he mentions winning an award for one of the 20 Best Spanish blogs and, also, links to some of his favorite blogs. (see links within that post)
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Mira y Calla is a linkblog written in spanish. Not much writing, but the mostly arty links are fantastic. Some images may be NSFW.
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Just to point out that most blogs I read in Spanish would be frustrating for a learner, there are so many neologisms, slang, etc.,
How about you start with web pages for children. Seriously, that's how kids learn!!
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