What bird call is this?
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Bird call identification help please: a simple, slow melancholy three note call, then five - very clear notes, no warbles, chirps, trills etc. in descending pitch (eg. ti la so, ti la so-so-so)

I thought by going to the bird call id pages it would be easy to figure out, but they seem caught up in very complicated songs. I've heard this bird many, many times while hiking in Ontario and I've never known what kind it is I'd greatly appreciate your help.
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Mourning Dove?
posted by lyam at 11:27 AM on July 12, 2006

How to Remember Bird Sounds

Birdsongs of North America

There are more sites out there with recorded bird calls! Good luck!

Apologies if this is not an appropriate answer.
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Best answer: White Throated Sparrow?

"Old Sam Peabody"
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your description reminds me of the redwing blackbird, which drives me crazy.
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Response by poster: thanks bondcliff! i believe this is it!
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Sounds more like a Golden Crowned Sparrow.
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Oops - on preview, looks like you've got it, by george!
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My wife will be so proud! She's the birder and this is just about the only bird call related questions I could answer.

I used to always hear it while on hiking trips and it always filled me with a sense of calm.
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There was an Ask MeFi about this exact same bird before, albeit described somewhat differently.
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