Tips for using the advanced features of a Canon G5?
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Santa brought me a Canon Powershot G5 yesterday. I've forgotten more than I remember about the control one has outside the 'auto' mode. This AskMe query had some great links on picking cameras and they all have forums with questions/answers but I'm looking for something more structured. Does anyone have links to great tips for using the camera's various features? Any book recommendations?
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I've not read this, but you might want to check it out.
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I'd recommend looking at your local colleges' continuing ed departments and see if you can take a beginning photography course. The one I took at Georgia State a few years ago really helped me learn the ins and outs of my SLR....and the class critiques were great.
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1. has (I think) a review of this camera -- if not, I am sure it has a review of the G4, which should have similar controls.

2. A decent intro to photography book will serve you well. I have "the amateur photographer's handbook," which predates automatic exposure settings, much less digital cameras, but gives you a good grounding in optics, technique, etc.

3. Experiment--that's what digicams excel at.
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Thanks for the tips. I saw that book on amazon dobbs, but was put off by the 'available in 3-5 weeks' part. I might pick it up from the author's site directly.

I hope to find time to take another photography class soon. I just need to figure out where I'm going to be living in 2004.
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As adamrice said definitely visit DpReview site and don't forget its link sections as it contains links to very good digital camera sites.

As for learning, I would recommend you against paying classes before having looked around the web for quite a while. In my experiences, some of the so called photography classes aren't but another interpretation of the very same info you can find on the net for free.
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