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My anti-gun wife surprised me with a Glock 19 for Christmas. I've already got the user's manual and armorer's guide for it; anybody have suggestions on good, not-too-powerful ammo loads? (GunFilter!!)
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mrbill - that's the second funniest thing I've seen all December. I'm not exactly sure why. I can't answer your question - I'd have to ask my friend who recently showed me his Uzi and his Thompson and his Glock and his.....(blah blah) and who loads his own ammo. But I don't have any of the literature on hand, and I don't own a gun at the moment, so I don't need to load any ammo.

But - best of luck: someone will answer your question, and kudos to your wife for being unpredictable.
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You are a lucky, lucky man. A new glock, and a wife that gave it to you. Uh, don't rent "Bowling for Columbine" for a while.

This looks like an ok resource. Happy shooting!

Liberals with Handguns
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Response by poster: mecran01: you might want to look at this regarding BFC.

troutfishing: I'm not going to be doing any handloads; I should have phrased it better and said "recommended brands". I've not bought ammo in more than ten years..
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I looked at that Michael Moore site, and it reminds me of a really long, bad, usenet argument converted into a web page. My stance on gun control is that I like guns, more of them kill innocent people than violent intruders, and that if I had a glock I'd probably store it at the range, as a safety precaution. But that's me.

If ultra-liberals swept through the country and took away all the guns, the US would probably still be a pretty violent place.

I think it would be more effective to go after Moore's underlying premises than to nitpick the entire documentary.
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how can your wife be "anti-guns" if she buys you a gun?? it's an obvious contradiction.

she's probably like those people who think they are vegetarian, but eat fish.

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Ask MetaFilter is as useful as you make it. Please limit comments
to answers or help in finding an answer. Wisecracks don't help people find answers. Thanks.
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Of course, sentence fragment is also a sentence fragment, so what do I know.
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I think it would be more effective to go after Moore's underlying premises than to nitpick the entire documentary.

Have you seen the documentary? Michael Moore is a member of the NRA and uses Canada as an example of a country with fairly available guns and low murder rate. (He could of cited Switerland too if he wanted).

It's not a pro gun-contol film.
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Response by poster: carfilhiot: she made a compromise. I'm allowed to own a gun, but I can't store ammo with it. I have to buy ammo when I'm going out, or at the range itself.

My parents were both police officers, so I grew up with guns and knew gun safety and handling as soon as I was old enough to realize what a gun was.

bobo123: I've *seen* BFC, but Moore just distorts things and makes stealthy edits to "rewrite" things to the way and order he wanted them to be said. In any case, that's not a debate for here - I've seen it, I don't care for it or like the guy.
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what does a person do with a glock? what are they for?
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Response by poster: amberglow: they're a gun. you shoot targets (and/or things) with them.
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...The smaller size of the GLOCK 19 makes it an extremely attractive pistol to those searching for an effective concealed carry firearm. --from the glock site

It seems they're not just a gun for targets (and/or things).
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Response by poster: amber: yes, that is one of the uses of a firearm. Although I will be taking a proper "concealed carry" course and obtaining certification, I won't be carrying the gun with me.

Yes, I'm an American. I grew up in the South. I have a handgun, more pocketknives than I can count, and three swords (including one fully-functional japanese katana). I can read, and have indoor plumbing.

Thank you. Next!
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Best answer: Remington sells a cheap 115-grain jacketed 9mm round - if you're just plinking why spend more?
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Response by poster: nic - thanks! Wow, 50 rounds for $6. Perfect!
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Best answer: My Glock 19 has been happily eating Winchester White box 115 gr. FMJ from Wal Mart. A 100 round box is around $11, and I haven't had any problems with it.

Here are two pretty good Glock resources: Glock Talk and the The Glock Faq. Enjoy your new toy!
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"......I can read, and have indoor plumbing." - those would be good characteristics to mention in a personals ad.
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Response by poster: troutfishing: I just hate how everyone assumes that people who like guns are either militia nuts or mouth-breathing teeth-missing inbred rednecks..
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Response by poster: anyway. I got a good answer to my question, so can we please consider this closed? Thanks.
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