Advice on caring for a leather coat.
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My wife bought me a nifty leather duster for Christmas. I've never had a leather overcoat before, and I'd like some tips on waterproofing it and caring for it.
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A bi-monthly treatment of leather cleaner and an occasional rubdown in hand lotion (it's skin, after all!) will keep your jacket shiny, tidy, and crack-free.

For any odors that may accumulate over time, check out the ExStink mentioned in a previous AskMeFi thread.

That's basically it, but if you want to "baby" your new baby a bit, saddlesoap and mink oil add a nice touch, with either a soft rag, old t-shirt or chamois cloth. (Save the power disc for your car or furniture, unless you're going for the Spirit of 1977 look.)
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So should I use anything to treat it prior to wearing it in the rain or snow, or is having a leather garment all about the after-care?
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Depends on how the leather has already been conditioned, I'd think. The mfr. may be able to help you; if not, it might be worthwhile to wet a spot on the leather to see if water beads up on the surface. If it does, you likely won't gain much by conditioning now, and it may cause build-up.

I'd also recommend tack shops for leather conditioners - Nikwax makes a good one.
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Crash, give it a little slack when you sit down (e.g. lift it a little as you sit down, as you would a nice pair of pants). Otherwise, the rear wil stretch out over time.
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I used Langlitz leather dressing for decades on expensive custom leathers that got ridden in the rain regularly. Silicone based, keeps things supple and waterproof, easy to apply, a tub lasts forever, etc.
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Oh, for new leather you really should ensure it has been treated once before exposing to its first rain. Less chance of spotting. As mentioned above, it may already have been treated. Unless you know for sure, I'd treat it myself to be sure.
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