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We are driving from LA to a wedding in Oakland, CA, in a few weekends. The reception will end around 9pm, and we are looking for a place to stay somewhere south of Oakland for one night. Any suggestions? The cooler the better.
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Does it have to be south? You're just a hop-across-a-bridge away from San Francisco... certainly the "coolest" of the cities within a short drive, and plenty of things will be open even if you arrive at 9:30 or so.

Alternatively, in the South Bay, San Jose has a reasonable amount of nightlife; Los Gatos is sort of fun for a night and has some good restaurants, bars, and walkable avenues to enjoy your evening on. Still, if you leave Oakland around 9PM, you won't be to either of those locations before 9:45 - 10:00PM and things down south will begin shutting down (especially if you're heading there on a Sunday).

It would help to hear your motivations for going south and what you want to do that night. :)
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With the exception of San Francisco, the bay area shuts down at 10pm.
After 10 your options are pretty much limited to bars, however there are quite a few to choose from, no matter what city you end up in.
If you're looking for an answer that's not San Francisco, I think you need to get a little more specific.
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Stay in the Monterey peninsula -- then the next day see the Monterey Bay aquarium, eat at Passionfish, and go to Point Lobos.
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I agree with escabeche. Try Carmel.
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The Monterey Peninsula is amazing and the aquarium there is like no other I've ever experienced. There are parts of the area around Carmel that make for a stunning drive- but my experience of the town itself is one of entrapment in self-consciously "quaint" shops peddling $400 porcelain sad clowns and petrified wood clocks.

Um. Er. Unless you're...uh...into that.

There's also Santa Cruz. For spectacular hiking, tidepooling, surfing, and just taking in the view. But like everyone says, the cool stuff that's south will mean a somewhat formidable drive from the reception. I'd consider staying in Berkeley if you're seeking something different from both Oakland and San Francisco. But then I wouldn't be answering your question.
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Response by poster: I guess I should have been more specific. Sorry for the confusion. We want to head south to get a head start on our drive back to LA. I should have asked about lodging, since that's about all we will have time for, although we might want some brunch on Sunday morning. Mainly we want to avoid yet another boring chain motel and Denny's.

The Monterey Bay is a little too far out of our way, and we will be with my wife's parents; otherwise we would stay with our friends in their eco-friendly yurt outside of Santa Cruz. How's that for unique lodging?
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billtron, if you're still reading this -- if you decide to stay in the South Bay, go to Southern Kitchen in Los Gatos, before 10AM when it starts to get mad-packed, on Sunday. Best. Breakfast. Ever. You might even see me there. ;)
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