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NostalgiaFilter: Where can I find John Williams' soundtrack for Space Camp?

As a kid, I must have watched Space Camp about a hundred times. Spaceflight nerd that I was am, there was something truly intriguing about some kids being launched into space on the space shuttle.

I just watched it again for the first time in a while, and wow -- it was a lot cheesier than I remember from the 80's. But, what I did pay more attention to was the soundtrack—John Williams composed it, and it's actually pretty darn good. Soundtrack whore that I am, I'd really like to find it.

Problem is, it seems to be a pretty rare find. Amazon and iTunes are both completely devoid of it. eBay has a copy or two, one as an LP (!) and one $38 "import CD", leading me to believe it's a bootleg of questionable quality.

So, I extend my search to the masses—can anyone help me find this soundtrack?

Trivia: I had no idea until watching it again that the little kid (Max) is Joaquin Phoenix. Quite a leap into the role of Johnny Cash, eh?
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Response by poster: By the way, my e-mail address is in my profile if you have a copy you want to sell, or have other such private avenues.
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Here's one.

Joaquin Phoenix was also one of the kids in Parenthood.
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