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Fidonet: Where can I find archives of my posts from a bygone era?

Way back in the day, I used to argue with Joel Rosenburg over the nature of the term "Cyberpunk" and had an enlightening conversation with Steven Brust about the nature of SF and Fantasy writing.

Today, in a conversation where friends were one-upping each other on their online OLD SCHOOL, I failed completely at finding a search-able index of posts from the science fiction/fantasy echos and discussion groups of the time. The best I could do were some posts from 1991 about MUD development.

I'm way to vain to let this gauntlet just sit there on the floor in front of me. Can you help me track down some archives of Fidonet?
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Maybe here?
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Unfortunately that site seems to only contain nodelists and copies of the Fidonews newsletter, but no actual Echomail archives.

I too am curious about where all my old Fidonet posts went, but I suspect that the answer is that they're all gone. I have found a snippet here or there of things I've posted on Fidonet echos that were gatewayed to Usenet, but those are by far in the minority.
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