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What are your best sources for online science fiction / fantasy / horror short stories?

I really enjoyed reading Kij Johnson's stories online. What favorite blogs / sites do you read which link to online short stories in a fantasy / horror / sf vein? I realize there are a million sites out there.

No steampunk please.
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Mefi's own Faint of Butt runs a great site called MicroHorror that hosts short horror fiction. It's got a decent link section, but you could MeFi Mail him and he might have some other suggestions too.
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Best answer: Strange Horizons.
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Best answer: Thanks for the plug, OmieWise! The best recommendations I can make are the ones I've already listed on the links page: Flashes in the Dark (a flash horror blog with content similar to MicroHorror) and infinity plus and HorrorMasters, neither of which has been updated in a while, but which offer extensive archives of genre fiction. For something lighter, you might enjoy, a collection of nightmarish little stories that bounce around the Internet.
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Best answer: I'm a fan of the Escape Artists podcasts, which do weekly readings of science fiction, fantasy and horror.
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Kick back and have some headphone fun with OTR
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Analog has always been great but is set up for the Kindle and Sony Reader. Science Fiction and Fantasy is also available for e-readers and also on Audible. If you like SF then support the publishers and writers.
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Best answer: Clarkesworld is pretty uniformly awesome.

I like Ideomancer's stuff, in general.

Abyss and Apex usually has at least one story I like in every issue.

And seconding Escape Pod, Pseudopod, and Pod Castle. Probably my favorite 'magazines' ever.
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Best answer: SF Signal do regular Free Fiction posts with more free fiction than you could possibly ever consume...

If audio is your thing I'm quite fond of the StarShipSofa podcast, though there's usually some other stuff mixed in there as well.
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Tor has a few free shorts, plus comics and other odd bits of distraction. (Watch out for steampunk.)
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Seconding StarShipSofa. It's the closest audio equivalent to the trade mags that I've seen (the 'other stuff' Artw mentions are fact articles, interviews, reviews, etc.)

Somewhat related to that, Matthew Sanborn Smith (a 'Sofa irregular) has a fun podcast of his own short, quirky stories. I quite like his style, and they're only around five minutes long apiece.

Now that I think of it, Smith does (or has done, he hasn't had one on in a while) a feature called 'Fiction Crawler' on StarShipSofa, where he finds and recommends online stories and story sites.
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Best answer: Free Speculative Fiction Online
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It's not exactly a general source for fiction, but Peter Watts has a number of dark sci-fi novels available to read online. They're all good, but my favorite was Blindsight.
Charles Stross also has some novels available. Accelerando is the only one that I read, and it was quite good.
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How did I blank on Baen Books' Free Library? Novels (usually the first one or two in a series) available for free in a variety of e-formats.

Also, most (all?) of Cory Doctorow's work is out there in e-formats for free.

Spider Robinson does a podcast of various things.

Damn, this is going to be one of those threads that has me waking up in the middle of the night exclaiming, "Oh! And soandso! How did I forget that?!"
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