Best email lists?
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Which eMail Lists do you reccomend? ... [more inside]

What e-Mail Lists do people subscribe to? I tend towards the technological, with subsriptions to wired, ntk, Joel Spolsky, Clay Shirky and popBitch (NSFW), but I'd be interested in knowing which other fantastic lists I can send that all important "subscribe" message to.
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I concur with these.
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The most general thing I try to follow is the nettime-l digest.
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A.Word.A.Day, This Is True and RISKS Digest.
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TopFive for a morning laugh. Market Wrap for stock market crap. NY Times Headlines and Editorial for news and views. Remote Patrol for a snarky look at the coming day in TV.
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Somes of these aren't lists as much as ways to pull reader's to websites, but I still subscribe to 'em:

Billboard Daily Music News: know your enemy.

Boing Boing Blog: 2nd only to Metafilter for loveable linkages.

The Daily Chord: Music news highlights.

Daily Media News Feed: media news highlights.

Film Threat: movie reviews, box office, etc.

Harper's Weekly Review: Best. International. News. Ever.

How Stuff Works: How stuff works, I suppose.

I, Cringley: IT column that has its moments.

IndieWIRE: indie movie biz.

Alternet's Media Culture: More media stuff.

Michael Moore: Yeah, that guy.

The Onion: Tee hee.

Politechbot: Declan McCullagh's tech news...

Rotten Tomatoes: meta movie reviews.

Slashdot Headlines: newz fer nerds.

The Smoking Gun: celebrities unraveled.

Snopes: urban legends.

The Village Voice: like the title says.

The Weekly Spin: look at news spinsters.

Word Spy: Best. Dictionary. Ever.
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Oh, and I forgot Journalismnet for interesting links.
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Interesting People is a great maillist I subscribe to. Send a mail to if you wish to subscribe.

Archives of the newsletter can be found here.
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Now I see that stavrosthewonderchicken's link contains my link.

Still, I must add to the list these :

Research Buzz - Random Interesting Links

World Wide Words - Mainly if you enjoy linguistics and etymology. Great newsletter.

Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day - Exactly what it says - learn a new word a day.

World of douglas - Stories made containing words from the A.Word.A.Day newsletter (which was suggested above by milov), to ease their learning.

Dribbleglass - Some fine trivia and jokes. Or, as they (he, actually) put(s) it: It's Fun. It's Free. It's the Next Best Thing to Porn.

b3ta - Linking the finest websites.

Verba Volant - Possibly my favourite newsletter, this one selects a fine quotations and sends it to you in a large number of languages. Example.

Doctor Dictionary - Just another word-a-day newsletter.

Sorry for the follow-up post, I should've included these in the first post, but I thought IP would be too cool in comparison with these latter ones. Discovering IP had already been linked, I felt guilty.

I hope you'll enjoy them.
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