Where to go for good online music?
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Where to go for good online music? I used to use audiogalaxy back in the day (which had an incredibly broad catalog), and emusic (great non-mainstream stuff and plenty to explore) up until they changed the rate structure a month or two ago. I'm a member of allofmp3.com and know of the site in Spain (the name escaping me at the moment). Are there any other good alternatives of non-mainstream music at prices less than ~$.99/dl?
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There was a good review of all the major online music stores on BBSpot recently, and some alternative/indie sites were mentioned in the Slashdot discussion in which it was linked.
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A lot of links were posted to Kuro5hin recently.

Best selection at $0/dl is of course emule but ssh...
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soulseek. especially for you indie types.
also in my experience, the bigger bit torrent sites have wider selection then the bigger edonkey/emule/overnet sites.
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"Bigger bittorrent sites"? I've gone off googling for bittorrent sites a few times over, and the only thing I've come up with that's at all interesting is SuprNova.org.

What are some good BT sites?
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i'm going to agree with the aloha. soulseek is very nifty (especially if you donate us$5/month--this small donation keeps soulseek up and running as well as allows you to jump the download queue). also, there's lots of really fantastic stuff to share and it's adware, spyware, and advertisement free.
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In terms of illegal / unlicensed sites, you're not going to get better than AllOfMP3.com, which you're already using.

If you're ready to start getting into legal services, then it has to be Rhapsody every time. $9.99 for a really great range of music which is expanding very quickly. They have the facility to allow you to burn tracks to CD for $0.79 a shot but if you've got a broadband connection you'll probably be happy with streaming most of the time.
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Thanx for the Rhapsody recommendation.
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