Need Ending Spoiled, Please
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How does "Superman Returns" end?

I was out doing errands this afternoon and spontaneously decided to go see "Superman Returns." I had no idea it was so long, and I ended up having to walk out before the end to get home to relieve my babysitter. The last scene I saw was Lois and her son visiting Superman in the hospital; I walked out of the theater as they left the room.

I didn't like the movie well enough to see it again just to find out how it ends, especially since I have to add $8/hour in babysitting to the cost of the ticket. So, please, somebody, a quick roundup of the ending of the movie for me.
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The Movie Spoiler knows.
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I haven't seen the movie, but for a reliable place to find out how the movie ends, try the movie spoiler website. They consistently spoil movies with the best of them! Here is their spoiler for superman returns. It looks... comprehensive
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Response by poster: thank you, zia and tuwa. I had tried googling a number of different related searches without finding anything useful.
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In the hospital Lois whispes something to Superman. She leaves the hospital and puts her son to bed. Next scene, Superman is out of the hospital and in Lois' son's bedroom watching the boy sleep and refelcting on his own father's words.

Apparently, Lois whispered in Superman's ear that the boy is indeed Superman's son. (Of course, we suspected this when Lex was waving kryptonite around and the boy became weak and listless.) We aslo lern that Lex and Kitty are stranded on a very small desert island with nothing to eat except perhaps Kitty's pomerinian.
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I didn't think the boy became weak and listless when the kryptonite was introduced; I thought Lex gave up and decided the issue was unresolved. Thus introducing the possibility that Superman's son was immune to Kryptonite. No?
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There was also an interesting bit when Lois was leaving the hospital, going through the crowd outside. We see Clark's mom (Martha Kent) standing out with the crowd. Just another thing to be sad about.

Yes, I loved the movie.
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Superman and Lois spoke after he left their son's room. She wanted to say "I love you" but instead asked if she'd see him "around."

The boy obviously reacted to the kryptonite in some fashion because it caught Luther's attention. But he didn't seem weak and listless. More like scared. Was superboy affected by kryptonite? If not, that would make for a very boring superboy movie.

Super-strong kids are creepy.

Having spent $8, I think you can p2p this with a clear conscience.
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Did anyone else get the feeling that the whole scene where Superman calls the boy 'his son' was for some reason supposed to be a big 'A-HA' moment? But the kid had just, like, 20 mins earlier, thrown a grand piano at a bad guy. How are we supposed to be surprised that he is Superman's son?

Or maybe it's not supposed to be a big "Myster SOLVED OGM!" moment.
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