What was the comic where DC superheroes appeared as babies?
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I remember reading as a young kid - in about 1985/6 - a comic book starring the cast of the Justice League of America as babies or toddlers. I'm not sure of the specifics, like if it was actually the JLA, but it definitely had cute little baby versions of all the favourite DC staples: Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman and the Flash. Does anyone else remember this? Am I imagining the whole thing? What was it called and where can I find a copy?

I don't recall much more, but I'm fairly sure that they were alternate baby versions of themselves, not shrunk by a baby ray or anything. That is, the plot didn't make them babies, they just were. They also weren't 'younger' versions of themselves, just 'baby' versions. I realise that distinction might not be clear, but I think you'd know what I mean if you'd seen it.

Please help me track down this tiny piece of my childhood. This is my first Ask Metafilter question, so I wanted it to be important.
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Best answer: The Super Juniors Holiday Special from 1985. There were also apparently figurines from 1978, if this eBay auction is accurate, and a Spanish version.
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Best answer: A comment on this page also claims the Super Juniors were an ongoing comic series in Europe:

Then there are characters like the Super Jrs (kind of like a Muppet Babies version of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman only it actually pre-dates Muppet Babies) which are so obscure I can’t even find a reference to them online, but I know from European friends that this was a popular DC-licensed series in the ’70s (or at least popular enough to get their attention).
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Sounds like this has been answered, but don't forget Marvel Mites!
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And the X-Babies!
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Wow.. I need to find this as well - looks way too cute :-)
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And don't forget Jill Thompson's The Little Endless Story book - a rather cute spin-off of Neil Gaiman's Sandman.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone, it was indeed the Super Juniors Holiday Special. Clicking that link was like going back in time! Man I wish I'd kept that comic.

Nice one mediareport, thanks everyone. Say mediareport, had you seen it before or did you search for it?
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I'd heard of it before (work with one of the biggest comics geeks in town), so figured it existed and could be found. I just started searching for "baby wonder woman"+"baby superman" and pulled up that comment at Comics Should Be Good. Once I had "super juniors" it was easy.

Surprised there's not more about them online, though.
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