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Can anybody help me out with the DC 52 Reboot continuity? Not continuity with past comics, but within the reboot itself.

There are about eight Batman titles, including Justice League, and there are about the same number of Superman comics. But, after reading them, I get the impression that they all take place during different time periods. Is there a place or does anybody know what the continuity is?

For instance, Detective Comics is pre-Robin. But Batman has 3 Robins. And Justice League has which Green Lantern in it?

Other than the writing of the comics themselves, this continuity confusion is hindering my enjoyment of the comics. Can anybody point me to a website that has the timeline, or can help me create one?

Here is a list of the comics. (I am pretty sure that All Star Western comes first.) Thanks!!
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Best answer: Comics Alliance has a bunch of stuff on the New52 comics, including a FAQ and weekly wrap-ups of changes (week 1, week 2, and week 3, so far). It's not a single page with a timeline, but it's a start.
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Best answer: Actually, Demon Knights would come first, as it's set in the Dark Ages.

All-Star Western would be second in chronological order.

Action Comics shows the early appearances of Superman, before he started wearing a real costume. His attire therefore places this before his appearances in Justice League.

Justice League features Hal Jordan as the GL, at least for the first arc, which details the team's founding five years before the present-day New DCU. After that, it will take place in the present but I don't know if Hall will continue as GL.

And Legion of Super-Heroes would be last, as it's set in the 31st century.

Other than that, I believe all of the books take place pretty much concurrently in the present day, with the possible exception of Detective Comics (early history of Batman). I'm not 100% certain of that one, though, as I'm not reading it and have seen conflicting info on various websites.
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Best answer: Superbooks:
Action: According to Morrison this takes place about 5 years ago.

Superman, Supergirl, and I believe Superboy are all current.

Batman, Batwing, Dark Knight, Nightwing, and Batman & Robin are all current (post RIP, mid Batman Inc.)
Detective and Catwoman hint at being earlier in Batman's career (circa Year Two?), but I don't believe we've been given a timeline on them as of yet.
Batgirl, Batwoman, Birds of Prey, and Red Hood & the Outlaws seem to exist slightly removed from Batman continuity but enough is presented in the first issues to place these as current (post RIP, mid Batman Inc.) as well.

Green Lantern Books:
These titles are all current (post Brightest Day & Flashpoint).

Justice League takes places 5 years ago.

Aside from period piece comics such as Demon Knights and All-Star Western the rest of the line is concurrent, thought obviously not occuring contemporaneously.

filthy light thief's link round-up of David Uzumeri's Comics Alliance pieces nicely details specific continuity changes.
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Response by poster:
Like Action Comics, this occurs seemingly five and a half years ago, yet six years into Batman's career. (UPDATE: Apparently it takes place in the present day, according to Tony Daniel, and the USA Today article I was reading is wrong.) He's apparently older than the other members of the Justice League, or has at least been operating for a bit longer (six years as opposed to Superman's five and a half).
From this article, this is confusing me a bit.

Let me get this straight:

Medieval Times: Demon Knight
Western Times: All Star Western
About 5 or 6 years ago (but may be brought up to Present Day): Action Comics, Detective Comics, Justice League of America
Present Day: Everything Else
31st Century: Legion of Super Heroes

I'm still confused how Dark Knight, Batman and Batman & Robin are concurrent when one has Robin, the others do not. Is there a way to reconcile this? Or is Batman & Robin just an outlier?
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Best answer: Batman has always had storylines that don't involve Robin - presumably Damian has to get his homework done some nights!
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Don't worry, I don't think DC really knows where they are all situated yet compared to each other.
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Best answer: Just thought of something else: Batman can't be concurrent with Superboy or Teen Titans -- in Batman #1, Tim Drake is identified as a member of the Titans, but as of TT #1 the team hasn't come together yet. Superboy and TT are concurrent.
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Response by poster: Just so you know, now I'm confused as heck about the Green Lantern continuity among the various titles, including Justice League International. Did they just reboot Kyle Rainor or something? What is the status of the Oa? Ugh.
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