Can I sell a bunch of 1990s comics in Phil?
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Where/how should I sell a bunch of 1990s comics in the Philadelphia area?

My fiance has about 4 and a half long boxes of comics (mostly from the 1990's...Spiderman 2099 etc) Mixture of marvel and companies like Image etc. We are trying to sell them...will even sell them cheap (I sold my whole collection a few years ago for $50) just to get rid of them.

Any idea where to look in the Phil/Central NJ area? I have called a few places and most either don't answer their phone or are not buying.

I have looked online and everyone wants silver/golden age etc. We sold a few single issues on Ebay but its slow and a pain. Anywhere online just buy comics to stock their back issue selection...for when people don't want to buy X-Men #1?
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You won't be able to sell them. Every comic collector has the same boxes of the same comics. Everyone collected during the '90s. They're worthless. Throw them out.

As a matter of fact, those comics are so ubiquitous that this question has been asked before.
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I'm in the same boat, but with seven boxes. My plan; use the Overstreet Price Guide, and cherry-pick the highest priced ones to sell on ebay. Donate the remainder to a hospital, library, etc.

Also previously discussed here.
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Craigslist, craigslist, craigslist. Put them up for $100 but be willing to settle for $50. Somebody will buy them.

Or give them to a nephew or other deserving kid.
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I sent you an EMail.
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Yeah, sell them to Slothrop.
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Many comics shops will pay you by the inch/pound, but you need to find a successful enough shop that they are buying. Here in the DC/VA area there's one called Phoenix Comics that I know buys people's longboxes sometimes but I'd bet you wouldn't get enough to cover gas both ways.

When I last did a serious cull I grouped up all the runs and posted them on ebay. Since I was between gigs I could spare the time but it probably was a McD's salary when it all shook out, and only because there were things like a complete Sandman run, etc.

You could post on craigslist for someone willing to go through them, catalog them and in exchange they get first right of refusal. Being summer you might find some bored college students who bought 90s comics when younger...
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