Why not learn about biophysics in Corsica?
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Any suggestions for what to do with (perhaps) limited spare time while spending two weeks in Corsica?

I'm a grad student going to a summer school in Cargese, just north of Ajaccio, in Corsica for the last half of August. The course program looks to be occupying me during at least part of the day and my French is currently non-existant, but I'm eager to explore what I can. I love art, history, food, liquor, people watching, and walking around looking at beautiful things.

The Lonely Planet guide is somewhat helpful, but I'm especially interested in hearing your suggestions about what to do and how to get around the island, as I expect not to have the time to meander that I would like.
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I normally wouldn't post to such an old question, but since nobody else has answered...

I was in Corsica for a few weeks in May and June last summer and loved it immensely. You should be able to do plently of people watching and looking at beautiful things in Ajaccio. It's like the French Riviera, only more laid-back (though things may be different in August, since that's when Corsica is at its most crowded). Public transportation between cities exists but is slow and infrequent. If you're really pressed for time you might want to rent a car. The train ride to Calvi is especially scenic and takes 5 hours each way if I remember; you can look at the schedules (in French but easy enough to figure out).

Bonifacio, at the southern tip of the island, is also worth a visit; the city perched on top of a cliff is quite impressive. It's a little closer to Ajaccio and there should be buses once or twice a day.

For day trips there are wineries close to Ajaccio; I was able to get to one by taking a boat across the bay and walking a couple of km on the road. And of course there are countless cafes and places to sample Corsican cuisine in Ajaccio. Sitting in a cafe on the waterfront drinking pastis or a Cap Corse is sometimes all one needs.

Feel free to email or post here if you have more specific questions.
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