Factory-themed OS 9 game?
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Back in my OS 9 days, I played a game in which you controlled a factory. Raw materials would come out of a pipe somewhere, and you had to control the conveyor belts, chutes, and other machines in the factory to make a certain quota of items by the end of the day. Incorrectly made items, of course, were deducted from your score. Can anyone else remember this game, and (even better) tell me where to find it?
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It wasn't Capitalism, was it?
posted by evariste at 9:21 PM on June 25, 2006

Best answer: I think it was called Factory.
posted by Camel of Space at 9:57 PM on June 25, 2006

Was it Capitalist Pig?
posted by smallerdemon at 10:10 PM on June 25, 2006

Best answer: This one? I remember playing it a lot years ago.
posted by wanderingmind at 10:38 PM on June 25, 2006

Nightshift, by Lucasarts?

Wikipedia Link
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Was it Night Shift, by Lucasarts?

Wikipedia Link
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Best answer: wanderingmind and Camel of Space are correct, I think. Factory had pie crusts, fillings and tops (and in other scenarios, various widgets that made up a mega-widget) that were dispensed from hoppers and squirters, ran along conveyer belts and went into ovens, got sorted by various doors or fell into bins until being dropped off into a loading dock. Scenarios ended when you had made a certain number of products and money was deducted for wastage. I played this for hours and even stumped up the cash for the full version.

I think I found it again some years ago, and had trouble making it run correctly on a modern Mac. Caveat user.
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Response by poster: Factory was indeed the game I was looking for. I had thought that was the name, but given that searching for "factory game mac os 9" hadn't turned it up, I was starting to doubt that.

Many thanks, everyone?
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