How do you remove red kool-aid from carpet?
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Stainfilter: Kool-aid, children, and puke don't mix. Help me remove a stain from white carpet

In a nutshell, had a party for a few friends and their children. Koolaid + hotdogs = puke stain on the new white carpet.

Failed Solutions:

1) Used the big green clean machine from the early 90's and it didn't work.

2) Staney Steamer - They used "citric acid" to try to clean it and that didn't work either.

What's a person to do in this situation? We've tried over the counter solutions, but unfortunately nothing has worked! Help!
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Try Oxiclean. I got cranberry juice out of a white carpet with it.
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This post may offer some ideas.

Nothing is going to make it perfect again, though. How big is the stain? If it is reasonably sized, the installer can cut out the ruined portion and replace it without many noticeable seams. That might be your best chance, especially if it is white carpet.
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Oxiclean. with Seltzer.
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Baking soda will do the trick (see #19). As an added bonus, it'll also remove the odour!
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This doesn't help with your immediate problem, but for others who may be thinking about carpets - white carpets and children or pets do not mix. Actually, white carpets and carbon-based life forms do not mix. Even if you wear dedicated slippers and don't ever spill anything, all those dead skin cell eventually dinge-up a white carpet.
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As someone who recently managed to spill cherry Kool-Aid on the walls and ceiling (no, really) all I can really do is comeserate and suggest repainting your carpet (which isn't desperately helpful).

Do any of the washing bleaches work without a washout?
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I'd try hydrogen peroxide, just pour a bit of it on the stain, and wait. Try one small corner first. I've known people who got red wine out of a carpet with it. You may have to do it several times, but at this point, you don't have much to lose, and I can't imagine it hurting any synthetic fiber.
(This works less well with anything with grease in it, such as coffee with cream. We use it on plain black coffee on dress shirts at the office.) The breakdown products are oxygen and water, so it's a no rinse solution.
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