Spoilers in Twin Peaks DVD commentaries?
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Do the commentaries on the Twin Peaks DVDs contain spoilers?

I watched the entire series when it was originally broadcast, but my wife is seeing it for the first time. We'd like to listen to the director's commentaries together, but not if the plot twists are going to be ruined for her by spoilers. Could anyone who's already heard the commentaries let us know if they're "safe"?
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Er, won't the visuals be a spoiler as well?
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Surely a director's commentary will be massively uninteresting if she hasn't actually seen the show, no? I think director's commentaries are spoilers almost by definition.
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I think what Dean King is referring to is if future episode plot points are hinted at or revealed in earlier episode commentaries.
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Response by poster: Yes, NationalKato, that's what I mean...
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I don't know about Twin Peaks specifically, but of all the commentaries that I've listened to (TV and movies) where one of the participants says "can we tell them what happens?", the default position is always, "f they're listening to this, they've already watched the whole thing."

I, personally, wouldn't risk it.
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Best answer: it's been several years since I watched them, but I'm pretty sure there are discussions in the commentary that you'd probably not want to hear if you hadn't seen the series to at least a certain point in the 2nd season.
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Don't know what the situation is on these particular dvd's, but on most commentaries don't they drop the volume on the actors when the commentator is speaking? How would she even know what was going on?
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I have no idea about the commentaries (sorry), but I wanted to make sure you knew that the second season of Twin Peaks hasn't been released on DVD yet, and as far as I know, it's not coming anytime soon. I watched the entire first season before I realized this and it was sooooo frustrating to find out. The only options right now are to get the second season on VHS or a DVD transfer from VHS; in which case, there's not going to be a commentary option anyway...
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Best answer: The commentaries tend to semi-spoil, yes. The ones I've listened to would make occasional comments about future events, series-wide character development, major plot decisions tied to whatever is going on onscreen, etc. There is considerable spoiler danger.
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