Website dedicated to DVD commentaries?
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Which website does a good job of indexing and discussing DVD Director Commentaries?

In the past, I have tried to read the DVD Product Details at to find out if any given DVD has director commentaries or not. Even that method is not very reliable --- the only thing that really works is going to Blockbuster and reading the back of the DVD box. But, by now, there must be a website devoted to DVD commentaries, if they exist. Any ideas which website I could go to for this kind of information?
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What about this one?
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Response by poster: I will point out that: HANNA, THE AMERICAN, SCOTT PILGRIM, WATCHMEN and WALL-E all have commentaries on the BLU-RAY, but not on the DVD. The kind of website I'm looking for would have this kind of information, too. Hell --- Laserdiscs from the eighties had commentaries too. I want them all.
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the only thing that really works is going to Blockbuster and reading the back of the DVD box

Even this does not always work; in fact, some DVDs have commentaries that are not documented anywhere (the only way to get at them is by switching the audio track using the "Audio" button on your remote).
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Ask MetaFilter has a pretty good base of DVD commentary track recommendations:

1, 2, 3

Sort of an end-around your request ('here, look at these' instead of 'does this one have it?') but worth a look anyway.

All Movie Guide is now something called All Rovi, but if you search for a movie, click the 'Releases' tab, and then click the individual releases I've had luck seeing what all the extras are on the ones I've checked.
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Also, it should be noted that studios have been removing features from rental versions for a while now. If you are renting it, its pretty much a crapshoot to get the commentary even if it's supposed to be there.
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Cortes has a great suggestion. If you want to see how much they cover, browse by title. From the first page, I found two laserdiscs included, of the 25 titles on that page. Also, those laserdisc titles are noted to include different commentaries than on other versions of the same movie that are available on newer DVD editions.
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