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I've been re-watching Mefi favorite Community with all the commentary tracks and really enjoying it. So, I'm looking for other good TV shows (genre unimportant) on DVD that have commentary for ALL the episodes. Preferably a show that is complete, but that's not necessary. Most important is that every episode have commentary on it. Recommends?
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Futurama. It's the only show (other than Community) that I've listened to all the commentaries for. There are commentaries for every Futurama episode and they are consistently interesting, hilarious, full of little details about the show, and just plain charming.
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Not complete unless you stopped watching at say Season 9 or so but "The Simpsons" have commentary tracks on each episode and most are quite good. I particularly like the Dave Mirkin commentaries which are concentrated on the episodes in Season 5 and 6 (the years he was the showrunner). Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein (showrunners for Seasons 7 & 8) are excellent as well.
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I don't have a way to confirm that each episode has commentary, but I believe at least some of the seasons of Reno 911 have commentary tracks for all the episodes (and the commentaries are just about as funny as the episodes).
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The Simpsons also has commentary on each episode on the DVDs, at least for the first 7–8 seasons (i.e., the ones I own.) They're usually pretty interesting.
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Ron Moore recorded podcast commentaries for Battlestar Galactica that he released weekly as it aired, I believe they are all on the DVDs.
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Freaks and Geeks.
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warble is correct, Futurama has the best commentaries.
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I can't speak to all seasons, but the first season of The Shield has commentary on each episode.
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The Girls Next Door has videos with commentary for every episode, as well as a lot of the girls blabbing on and on about how every single moment is planned, scripted, and most often faked.
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The DVDs for seasons 2-4 of Mad Men have two commentaries per episode, which typically break down to one for the director/showrunner and one with various actors relevant to the episode.

Lethal drinking game: you take a shot every time Matthew Weiner says he loves something.

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Mad Men box sets have a section where you can watch each episode over again with a running commentary by three or four different people associated with the show. They are really fascinating - themes, behind-the-scenes details, actors' perspectives, set design, costume design, etc.
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Not sure about the DVDs, but Breaking Bad has a podcast (usually an hour or so) devoted to each episode. They go in depth with the actors/director/writer/etc. and talk a lot about how real life shaped the direction of the show/plot.

Free for download in iTunes.
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I think News Radio has commentary for all episodes.
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Mr Show has commentary for every episode in every season. It's really interesting to hear how some of the sketches evolved, and to hear from some of the writers who weren't that visible on the show itself (including Dino Stamatopoulos aka Star-Burns).
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Ummm Firefly. Yeah. I realized I keep thinking of War Games as one of my favorite episodes and really that is all because of the commentary.
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Red Dwarf has full commentary, at least up to the end of the 8th season.

(Thanks, others answers, for reminding me that Futurama exists. Going to have to rent those.)
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Newsradio does NOT have full commentary, sadly.

Nthing Futurama & The Simpsons, also seasons 2-4 of the Venture Bros and series 1 and 2 of Black Books.

Man I love full commentary. I wish more shows did it!
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Undeclared, the other Judd Apatow show, also has commentary for every episode.
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I was going to mention The Venture Bros as well. Because I was beaten to it I will just state that in the season 3 several episodes' commentary spoils the end of the season. So if you care about spoilers and end up watching that show don't watch the commentary until you finish the season.
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