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What's the best IRC client for Mac if you’ve never used IRC, don’t know much about it, and are sort of dense? I’m running 10.4.6, if that matters.
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Colloquy, definitely.
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I use colloquy as well. Since I am an idiot, had never used IRC before, and was able to figure out colloquy with no difficulty whatsoever, that pretty much makes it the definition of "idiot proof."
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Just one note of warning. The last time I used Colloquy, which was about a year ago or so, it would automatically turn image links into inline images within the channel window. I'm sure you can imagine how that might not be the best thing. It is turned off easily enough in the preferences.

Aside from that, definitely my favorite IRC client for OS X.
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I've tried ircle, but i didn't like it. Each channel/PM is in its own window - easy to type something into the wrong conversation - very embarrassing.

I'm using snak now, and I like it. Looks similar to mirc.
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If you use Firefox, the Chatzilla extension is pretty brainless to use.
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Colloqyuy for aqua, Irssi for terminal based. Both have their deficciencies, but that's what I use
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I use irssi but would not recommend it for a greenhorn.
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Colloquy is kinda geeky, IMHO.

Try Conversation, which is designed for newbies.
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Opera has an IRC client built in. It's super easy to use.
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I use irssi, and even if you're not a geek, once you're used to it you may love it! You just have to learn the proper commands for IRC, like you should know anyway.

Just stay the hell away from x-shat.
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I've never had a problem with X-Chat Aqua, myself.
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I'll second Mwongozi's suggestion of Conversation. It's what I've always used on the Mac, and it's done the job perfectly.
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I like Mice IRC, and I've been annoyed to death with nearly every other app listed above. So if you try a couple of the above clients and wind up thinking "this terrible software wasn't meant for humans to use," try Mice.
posted by ikkyu2 at 6:33 PM on June 22, 2006 - check out the IRC section. The Mac OS actually has a BUNCH of IRC clients available for it.

Try a few of 'em out!
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I used Conversation in the past, but when someone recommended Colloquy, I dropped Conversation like a bad habit.
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