Horses for Juniors?
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A friend is trying to track down a magazine whose title she recalls as Horses for Juniors. "It was a horse magazine for kids, and they had articles and stuff, and also you could submit drawings of your favorite horse and they'd publish the best of the bunch." This would have been in California circa 1981. Any leads on what it might have been and/or how to find copies?
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Best answer: Library of Congress has this to say

Horses for juniors! Temple, N.H. 1981- .
LC Control No.: sv 85030727
Type of Material: Serial (Periodical, Newspaper, etc.)
Main Title: Horses for juniors! Temple, N.H. 1981- .
Current Frequency: Bimonthly
Notes: Decision made by DW 9/16/81. The magazine for young horse lovers.

Looks like you got the name right and the date.
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Response by poster: Fantastic! Now to track down a copy.
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Best answer: I'm not sure if you can see this link, but it looks like the Anchorage Alaska School District has a copy

Anchorage School District
5530 E. Northern Lights
Anchorage, Alaska 99504
FAX 907-742-6098

here's the staff list. I bet if you could get a nice person on the phone or email, they'd happily photocopy it for you if you were looking for something specific that they could look up.
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