eating "disgusting" animal parts
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What are some "disgusting" animal parts (i.e animal parts that "normal" Americans don't eat for reasons of revulsion) that are good for you nutritionally speaking? Also, what are some animal parts that are unhealthy for you?

Bonus points if the animal parts are cheap and/or readily available. An example that comes to mind might be liver.
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Did you know that a bull's testicles are low-fat (warning: Metric units)?
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(Beef) tongue is one item that comes to mind.
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Also, heart. I recall seeing a tv show not long ago about strange foods from around the world, and the host was served a still-beating frog's heart which he proceeded to eat. That image really creeped me out, but I think that also has to do with cultural norms here in the states as to what is "typical" food. FWIW, heart and tongue are both muscular and fairly high in protein and low in fat.
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There are a lot of parts of a beef carcass that most Americans don't think of as "food": hearts, tongues, muscles that control the jaws, muscles that control ears, and so on. A lot of those come to be known as "beef byproducts" and get made into sausage or bologna or frankfurters or pepperoni or...
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Sweetbreads (cow pancreas and thymus) were recently banned in France, since they pose some risk of carrying BSE prions. You can still get them in the US, though (yum!). There's one for the "unhealthy" pile, I guess.
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lamb brains mmmmm
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Tripe, beef stomache lining? Mexicans make soup out of it (Menudo) that supposedly cures hang overs.
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A friend of my father's claimed that haggis just wasn't the same in the US because it's illegal to sell lights (lungs) here. I think the ban is due to some sort of disease risk (tuberculosis?) from eating lungs.
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'Round these parts, the taquerias and roach coaches serve "cabeza" burritos and tacos - that's cow brain. Brian is a pretty fatty organ, and I've heard it compared favorably to scrambled eggs.
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Chicken's feet are apparently very high in calcium.
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Turkey tails(asses)...deep fried. Yummy!!!
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Cabeza refers to the cow head, what they serve is barbacoa, or barbacoa de cabeza.
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It's very good, btw.
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Things I have eaten, and enjoyed:

Haslet (entrail meatloaf)
Tripe in many forms
Ox tail
Blood pudding
Pulpo a la gallega (octopus-bits-in-blood-sausage - absolutely delicious)
Fermented Squid (actually I didn't really enjoy this)
Lots of weird stuff in Sushi places
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Oh yeah, and heart. Heart is great.
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I read this article the other day, and it's pretty entertaining. Warning: from Vice Magazine, so the sensibility is a little crude.

Eating an entire cow
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My mistake, but I blame my high school Spanish teacher. And society.
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lekvar, brains are sesos. One of my criteria for a good taqueria is that it must offer sesos and cabeza.
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See Fergus Henderson's The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating. It's an entire cookbook of recipes for cooking with offal.

Fergus Henderson is the gentle madman/genius chef behind the very successful St. John Restaurant in London. GrammarMoses (aka Mrs. Enrevanche) and I were very pleased to be able to attend a dinner he cooked in the US, at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Tarrytown, NY, two summers ago. Really extremely tasty but gross-sounding stuff like rabbit kidneys on lettuce leaves for appetizers.
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Liver may be disgusting and/or good and/or nutritious... but don't eat polar bear liver... that'll kill you. For some reason I can't remember they contain lethal levels of Vit. D. (This may apply to all arctic mammals, but definitely for polar bears.)
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In Mexico you can find not only the whole head (cabeza), but tacos of each one of the parts: eyeball, tongue, brains, snout, cheek, etc. They are considered a delicacy and not everybody eats them. I don't. Tacos de cabeza are tacos with the meat from the head. There are also tacos from most organs from the cow or pig: pancreas, liver, heart, even udder.

Menudo (stomach lining soup) cures hangovers because it's very spicy and greasy. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it really works.

Some persons add chicken organs (heart, liver, lungs) to the regular pasta soup. You can get a spoonful with a whole heart on top. Yum! (I gave it to the dog. They took away my Mexican card).
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Vitamin A, ruwan.
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A side note: the polar bear liver is toxic in vitamin A levels because of the high levels of vitamin A in the bear's diet. The diet of fish and various fish-eating predators gives the polar bear an incredible intake of vitamin A. The vitamins concentrate in high levels in the liver and are toxic to humans.
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This vegetarian is reading with a combination of fascination and horror.
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Sheep brains. Break them into smaller portions, roll them in flour, apply a nice beer batter and cook in hot oil. They're not just delicious hot, but surprisingly good cold.

Liver, sliced thinly, fried lightly then dusted with flour. Fry some bacon, fry some onions and put them all in a casserole dish. Put a little beef stock over the top to moisten, cover and bake. Even my liver hating partner enjoyed it.

Oh, and if you can get your hands on kangaroo meat, it's very good.

I believe that tripe is also very good for you, though I rarely eat it.
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Oh, and if you can get your hands on kangaroo meat, it's very good.

I second that! It's also the best thing to eat as far as the environment is concerned (in Australia at least). It's not an introduced species and is in no short supply.
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I believe internal organs have massive amounts of cholesterol, especially brains.

According to Nutrition Data, a pound of simmered cow brains contains 12,000mg of cholesterol!

Brains'll kill ya just by thinking about eating 'em! (ha!)
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Three Squeals:
It consists of live rat embryos laid out on a plate. The dish's name is said to have originated from the fact that the animal squeals once when picked up with chopsticks, a second time when dipped in the accompanying sauce and a third (and last) time when it is popped into the mouth.
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I have heard the Duck Embryo is nutritious. Two weeks ago on his current show he was eating stir-fried "chicken ass" in Korea. I dig him but go figure.
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I remember from school some story that eating dingo kidney's could poison a person. If I remember the detail some lame explorer dined on them despite the advice of local aboriginals?
Unfortunately, the term appears in the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, so is un-Googleable so I cannot cite a reference or give any more detail.
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Just remembered something popular in family: chicken and turkey butts (aka the touchas). Everyone in my family (but me) will fight over who gets to eat it (more like suck on it til it's gone).

And my mother sucks the eyes out of fish.
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The problem with lungs isn't diseases like tuberculosis, it's parasites like lung flukes.
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Two weeks ago on his current show he was eating stir-fried "chicken ass" in Korea.

I can verify that. It's a popular pojang-macha (mobile food cart/tent) street food. Not popular with me, personally, so much, though.
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"heart and tongue are both muscular and fairly high in protein and low in fat."

Are you kidding? Beef tongue is very, very fatty - that's why it's so tender and delicious.

I suggest that brains are potentially bad for you in two ways. First, they're very high in saturated fat, and second, they may contain BSE prions if you live somewhere where infected animals are still in the herd.
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Cow lips (very fat). Cow cheeks (delicious if you cook it at low temperature for a very long time - "joue de boeuf"). Veal brains (look for "tête de veau en tortue"). Lamb bowels and feet (look for "pieds et paquets"). Don't know if you ever had pork feet? That's very fat as well. Andouillette, which is all sorts of unmentionable stuff in a pig bowel. Cod cheeks is good, don't know how accepted that is in your part of the world. I tend to shy away from anuses, though.
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Must’ve hit the bold button my mistake—sorry, didn’t mean to shout: I’ve not tried penis-stew myself, but was told of an occasion where it was served, when those eating it declared it tasted very good (until, at least, they were told what was in it.)
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I recently heard about neck gravy from a friends of mine in California. Gravy made from necks... presumably chicken. According to them, it's very good. I won't be trying it though.
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Why not? That's what you make gravy out of — the scraps and pan drippings of the animal you cooked. For chicken, that usually means necks, wingtips, giblets and heart. You can forego the scraps and just use the drippings, but it won't be as tasty.

Chicken necks are also good for making soup stock out of. Hell, most animals' neckbones are good for soup.
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"My Aunt Nacine, man, she could suck a neckbone... shit, like it was a work of art." - Richard Pryor
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Pizzle. Never had it, just heard about it in the context of "my country-ass uncle eats every part of the pig" type stories.
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Moose nipple chips, get 'em while they're hot, they're lovely.
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You asked about things which are not good for you. I won't eat liver, and not just because I don't like the flavor. It's because many cumulative poisons are stored in the liver. That's why they're "cumulative poisons"; they build up there because the body can't metabolize them and can't excrete them, so they're stored. When the quantity gets too great, it causes liver damage. There are all kinds of things like that but the most important are heavy metals like lead and mercury and certain hydrocarbons like benzene, as well as chloroform.

You eat another animal's liver, you get that animal's lifetime accumulation of such toxins. (Or a fraction of it as a function of how efficient your intestines are at absorbing them.)
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I eat a lot of tongue. It is cheap, easy to cook, versatile, and really, really tasty.

My local Chaldean kabab joint (the one where they answer the phone in Chaldean) has delicious heart kababs. Who could resist heart-onna-stick? I didn't much care for the brain kababs, though.

Pigs feet are tasty. Try a German restaurant for those.

I thought liver was normal, not weird. But, I like the nasty bits. They are where the flavour is.
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