Linksblog sidebar in WordPress?
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My personal weblog runs under Movable Type. I use the plugin "otherblog" to embed the contents of a secondary linksblog in a sidebar of the main blog. My new financial blog runs under WordPress. What's the best way to implement a linksblog sidebar in a WordPress blog?

I'm basically wanting to be able to post "hey, this is a cool link but not worthy of a full entry" type stuff on the side of my personal finance site. Is there a way to coax the built-in WordPress links module to act as a linksblog? Is there a way to pull info from a account into a WordPress sidebar? How about pulling RSS feeds from other sites?
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There is a Wordpress mod called K2 that has this functionality built in. Under it's default configuration, you just assign a particular category and it will stick those posts under a sidebar category called "Asides." You can style K2 with themes like you can with any other WP install.
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Also, there is some code on the page that you can use to drop in links to your template, which may be a simpler option.
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I think you might mean the linkrolls. Also: FeedWordPress + your feed (or another one).
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The search term that you are looking for is 'asides'. One plugin that makes it easy to implement these things is the Sideblog Plugin . I don't use it myself, but it looks good. I also endorse the wordpress theme K2 which has asides build in.
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You want to consider installing the wordpress sidebar widget which includes many cool sidebar features. One being text widgets you can edit dynamically, through your wordpress admin.

I also noticed that from this widget blog site there is a plugin that has many advanced features for your wordpress links. Once you install widgets you can give it a shot and see what it includes, here is the link for that.
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I use a plugin called Mini-Posts for my personal blog, you just tick "this is a mini-post" and it will appear on a different list. That way you don't have to change your posting patterns, it's all the same.
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