Cant get that animated music video out of my mind!
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I am looking for the title/artist/director of a 90s animated music video that takes place in space.

The video features a cigar smoking hero and a gorgeous heroine. I believe a 'space' motorcycle or car of some sort was involved and that there was a fighting of the bad guys mixed in with a love story. I havent seen the video in ages and cant seem to remmember much more.

The artists name would be great, a link to the video would be awesome!
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Probably not, but maybe one of the Daft Punk videos from Discovery (2001)? They did a series of very cool space anime vids which make up the movie Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (imdb).
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Best answer: Cobra? Mattew Sweet used it.
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Here is the link to the official site of the author of the original manga, Terasawa Buichi.
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Yeah, that definitely sounds like the video for Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend" (the cd, IIRC, has recently been rereleased for its anniversary).

I loved that video when it came out and had no idea it was based on actual manga--thanks for the links, misozaki!
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Best answer: Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend" via
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Response by poster: WooHoo! Thank you, very very much. I didn't even realize that the animated footage was taken from an anime!
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