Synching Groupwise with Outlook - can it really be so difficult?
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Are there any (relatively) painless options for keeping my corporate groupwise calendar in synch with my own Outlook calendar?

Help me MeFi! I'm stumped...
I started a new job and they run everything on Groupwise (6.5). I, on the other hand, finally have a system just the way I like it, and it involves using a combination of Outlook and Achieve Planner (which synchs with Outlook).

This is really about the calendar portion. I have pop3 access to my groupwise mail server and I don't need the tasks piece. Contact synching would be a bonus, but not absolutely necessary. It's really about finding something that can allow me to keep my own calendar reasonably up to date (say, synchronized once or twice a day) with my groupwise account.

Helpful responses will please refrain from extolling the virtues of Groupwise and why I should switch, or snarky comments about Outlook. I have my reasons for using the software I do.
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I know this is not a direct answer to your questions but Groupwise 7 has native outlook client connection support:
Microsoft Outlook support (includes support for e-mail, tasks, notes, calendaring, busy search, shared folders, today view, ActiveSync, .pst files, offline mode, delegated support, signatures and personal and system address books)*
from here

Details in this PDF

Maybe inquire if the company is considering doing the upgrade to version 7 soon.

Also, is this to sync your home system remotely to the corporate Groupwise system or your personal workstation (w/ Outlook on it) at the office to the Groupwise server?
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That information does help a bit - at least I know maybe there's hope. I'm told they're a bit "conservative" in their upgrading policies around here, but it can't hurt to ask.

Re: your question. Ideally I'd like to be able to do both (this user, she is demanding!) I'm in a situation where I'm working on my own laptop about half the time, in the office about half.
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