How can I sync Yahoo and Outlook (and/or Yahoo and Thunderbird)?
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How can I sync Yahoo and Outlook (and/or Yahoo and Thunderbird)?

I've been using the free Intellisync for Yahoo for years to sync Yahoo contacts and calendar with Outlook on my PC, but it has stopped working and there hasn't been a new version since forever. Googling for another product to achieve the same result has gotten me nowhere. Any suggestions?

Once I sync one last time, I plan on switching to Thunderbird. It would be great if, going forward, I could sync Yahoo with Thunderbird, so any suggestions for that would be appreciated too. If necessary, however, I'll just stop using my desktop calendar and contacts and go exclusively Yahoo.
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Response by poster: IronLizard: Unless I'm mistaken, YPOPS just gives me POP access to my Yahoo email, which I already have. I'm looking to sync my contacts and calendar.
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I'm not sure how everyone else does it, but here's how I do it... First of all, my cell phone is a PPC-6700.

Since it runs Windows Mobile 5, I downloaded and installed Yahoo! Go for Windows Mobile. As a result, my phone now wirelessly updates Yahoo with calendar, contacts, and even syncs every photo I take on my phone to my Yahoo photos account.

Since my smartphone is also syncing with Outlook when I dock it, it offers the benefit of everything always being in sync.

I highly recommend this setup. If you aren't using a Windows based device, they also have it for Palm, cell phones, etc. so you may want to check out the generic Yahoo! Go site.

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If you're looking for another product/site that syncs a calendar and contacts with Outlook, try Airset. I've been using their calendar for over a year now.

I tried to sync Yahoo contacts, but just didn't find the Intellisync interface to my liking.
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