Where to find cheap needle for a turntable?
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I need some turntable help. I found the perfect present for my dad this year - a recording of two Xmas songs by Yogi Yorgesson that he used to sing all the time. Problem is, it's a 45. I called his wife and she told me they have a Technics SL-D1, but it currently has no needle. I know jack about record players. Can I get any old cheap-o needle/cartridge for this thing?
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Not just any needle will do. You'll need to find the specific kind for the turntable. You might try going to an electronic supply store or a stereo store and they should be able to look up the part number and order what you need. Depending on how popular that specific model is, needles and cartridges can become quite expensive. I had to order a needle from and electronics supply store last year and the needle ended up costing more than what I paid for the turntable and had to be shipped from Europe. Good luck.
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Here is some info on a different technics turntable and it looks like they bought carts from here.

The Stanton 505 SKII is apparently compatable
(and features the most pumped-up output
for the deepest bottom and in-your-face sound -
I'm sure your dad will appreciate that, yo!)

Google is your friend.
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Needle Depot
Stylus World
(I'm sure there must be an "Akbar and Jeffs Needle Hut" out there somewhere...)

Ok, back to my own xmas shopping, good luck.
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Don't forget one of those 45 adapter things.
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