cartridge for sl-q30 turntable?
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VinylFilter: What is the cartridge in this photo? Also, what would be an appropriate entry-level cartridge for a Technics SL-Q30?

I just recently came across a working, near-perfect 20-year old turntable.. and it needs a new cartridge -- however, I can't seem to find ones that would match the turntable. I'm looking for something cheap, <$30, but I'm new to the vinyl world, so I have no idea what to expect in terms of sound quality at that level.

I'm not an audiophile, just someone who likes certain music enough to want to listen them on vinyl. (bowie, miles davis, coltrane, my bloody valentine..) I'm fine with 'decent' sound quality. Help me find a cartridge -- maybe the one in the photo? Thanks!
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Not sure of the exact model, but it looks like some sort of P-mount cartridge. Most of the consumer model Technics used them. If memory serves right, Technics decks came stock with Audio Technica or Stanton carts (based on what I yanked out of a junk pile at my old radio station, but ... who knows?)

As an entry level P-mount cartridge, I bought a Grado Prestige Black from Decibel Audio for my linear-drive Technics (SL-J33) which is pretty effective when it comes to price and sound reproduction. It will probably be a good place for you to start.
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On closer inspection, yes, that is an Audio Technica cartridge with a stylus guard on it (can't make out the exact model number, but my gut instinct tells me that one's not made anymore, after checking out the selection at The Needle Doctor). IMHO, if that's the stock cart that came with the deck, chunk it and buy a Grado.
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The cartridge is a Audio Technica, gleaned that from the photo not any expertise of my own so if you already knew that apologies it's a decent cartridge/needle and usually in that 30-50 price range but i've not used them in years ebay should have something for you i've bought great low to mid priced cartridges & needles from here in the paat with no problems a bit of advice don't skimp on the cartridge or you might end up wonder what all the fuss was about as the lower end models tend to miss a lot and on the newer reprints can jump off the platter
Good Luck & Vinyl Rules!
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