drunken upset stomach
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We had our office party last night, and I got a little wrecked. Anybody got a remedy for an upset stomach?

I rarely get hung over (I attribute that to my size - 6'4", 240lbs), but this morning my gut is killing me. Any suggestions? Hair of the Dog suggestions will be taken out and shot.
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There are only two meaningful things to do to a post-drunk stomach: water and potatoes. Drink a lot of water, and eat some potatoes. Hash browns are usually best.
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The problem, o2b, is that the barn door is closed and the horse has escaped. The time to fight hangovers is while you're in the process of creating them. Sleep, ibuprofen, bitters and soda water will help though.
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Bland food—bread, oatmeal, potatoes—and ginger. If you don't have fresh ginger, pick up some ginger tea or ginger capsules at a health-food store.
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the thing that has always worked moderately well for me -- equal parts coffee, orange juice and fritos, taken separately. Basically you're dehydrated, lacking potassium/electrolytes and probably ate badly and didn't get enough sleep. Caffeine helps headaches, generally, and something greasy [potatoes is also good, cooked in a lot of butter] will settle queasy over-acidic stomach.
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Sounds gross, but a tall glass of V8 juice and 1/2 c. of plain yogurt with a little maple syrup and mashed banana sorts me out nicely.
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The only real hangover I ever had was cured by Alka-seltzer. As soon as I threw it up, I was fine. I am not kidding with this.

Stay away from milk products for awhile. Flat Sprite or 7-up and soda crackers are probably your best bet for a little while.
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a big greasy breakfast. it works like a charm for me everytime.
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chorizo w/ eggs.

either that or a bloody mary.
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On the same lines as the big, greasy breakfast - McDonald's always does wonders. Of course, this depends on just how queasy you're feeling. Sometimes the mere thought of McDonald's makes me want to retch. But, if you're not that far gone - go get a Value Meal!
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Water, water, water.
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Vitamin B complex.
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I am partial to (and depending on the time of day): a breakfast sandwich with coffee (consumed slowly) or a cheeseburger/slice of pepporoni pizza. AKA grease! Soaks it all up and I am right as rain.
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The acid and sugar water portions of this suggestion may turn some people off, but Gatorade normally works for me, maybe some biscuits and gravy. The gatorade helps with the dehydration/electrolyte stuff(try one of the 'frosty' colored ones to cut back on the citrus overload). Biscuits and gravy settle my stomach, and are somewhat of a comfort food.

I'll also second the Bloody Mary :).
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Grease, liquids, exactly. Coffee can actually make you *more* dehydrated, but a little bit can help with any mental clarity issues.
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I'm gonna suggest you get hold of some Irn Bru, not because I think you'll be able to but sgt. serenity will probably be along in a minute and I want to get in first.
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A glass of water with two Alka Seltzer tablets in it. Then drink Gatorade. As much non-caffienated fluids as you can stomach.

Re-hydrating your self is the key to getting past a hangover. A hangover is 80% dehydration, 10% bad electrolyte balance, and 10% damage.
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Best solution I've had to any upset stomach, hangover or otherwise, is a cup of water with a heaping teaspoon of baking soda in it. It doesn't exactly taste good but it has always worked.
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TUMS TUMS TUMS!!!!! Oh yeah and lots of Gatorade.
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Take a hot-water bottle (you know, those flexible plastic things, in a pinch you can use a VERY well-zipped gallon freezer bag) fill it with hot water, lie down (but keep your head reclined) and place the bag on your bare stomach. It does wonders to stop you from throwing up, because it relaxes the abdominal muscles and stops them from clenching (thus putting less pressure on your stomach.)

this also works very well for food poisoning, as I have found from personal experience. It wont' stop stage 1 but blocks the dry heaves stage rather nicely.
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I agree with the grease recommendations. Whenever the chill spectre of overhang shows itself, I hie myself to a local Togo's (sandwich shop) and order a Hot Pastrami.

Works wonders.

Now let's all repeat "I will not be the drunk one at the office party this year."
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Seriously, Jack in the Box tacos. I don't know what's in them, I don't want to know what's in them, but they will take care of the most grisly hangover.
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I can't eat anything when I'm severely hung over, much less a big greasy meal like a lot of people are suggesting here. I just try to drink as much water as possible, and if I eat anything, it's either some crackers or toast.
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Tab soda, beef jerky, and cheetos. That's my solution. Works every time. Plus, all readily available at any local gas station!
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Well, it's late now, but...
when you've been drinking, and you're still up, drink a quart of water (or gatorade, even better) and a multivitamin.

Next morning, I'd recommend non-sugar-free Red Bull and water. RB's got b-vitamins and caffeine
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hello ! i recommend not irn bru but a subtle combination of gaviscon , librium and rehab. /hardcore
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Burned rye toast. Not cremated, just blackened. The carbon absorbs acid. I don't know why rye, but my family has stuck by it and it works.
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My sister used to date an EMT who would often attend all-nighters with other EMT's. Those people party hard. When the liquor ran out and people began claiming places to sleep it off, the EMT's would run IV's for one another. They'd pump water and vitamin B straight into a main line. Or so my sister's boyfriend told me. I'm not an EMT.

Chewable vitamin B tablets work well, if you're needle shy or are out of DIY IV supplies.

Here in Seattle, the Satchmo's Way omelette (andouille (n' doo' wee) sausage, beans, cheese) at the Coastal Kitchen works wonders.
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Best cure I ever found, for the worst hangover I ever had, was to do as follows:

Buy a liter of Mountain Dew and a liter of lemon-lime Gatorade, Powerade, or your sports drink of choice. Mix and drink it all. Then eat a banana.

When I was so hung over I couldn't even stand the sight of food, this completely knocked it out. (I'm sure you can use other flavors of gatorade if you really want to, and you probably don't have to mix them. This was the easiest and most effective solution I found though.)
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I always start out with tea with milk & sugar to wash down some Advil (feel free to substitute your painkiller of choice). Maybe also wash down some vitamins while you're at it.

If you can eat, I suggest something with some protein. Having some plain bread or cereal might seem like the safest route, but I've always felt a million times better after eating something slightly greasy like eggs or a cheeseburger.
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Sex. It increases circulation and the workout gives you enough energy to get your ass out of the house to buy a Truckers Breakfast at your local Dennys.
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Also a little trick that has saved me from being too hung over to work: Chug (or quickly drink) 2-2liters of plain water before you go to bed. Overnight the water will help your liver displace the alcohol, making you piss more but will definately keep you from staying in bed all day.
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