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Sitting here at work and feeling really nauseated for some reason. Already tried Tums, didn't work. I'm going to run to the store and get something to take care of it so I can finally eat a late lunch. What's the best OTC for nausea?

Are there any specifically for nausea? Also, I should note that I had a really small but really rich slice of chocolate cake at like 9:30am, and it's the only thing I've eaten today (stupid). I've also drank lots of water which seems to be making me even more nauseated.

If I tried to force feed myself right now I'd probably gag. What are the best over the counter meds?
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I'd grab an ice pack and put it on the back of your neck - that often really helps nausea, in my experience. Feel better!
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If chocolate cake for breakfast is wrong, I don't want to be right!!!

No chance you can get any phenigren?

If not, I'd recommend ginger extract.
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Seconding ginger (ginger ale usually does in a pinch, sipped slowly.) Has worked well for me with mild nausea a number of times.

Get a little fresh air too, if you can.
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Regular Pepto works wonders for me. I feel a little sick if I haven't eaten in a while, too, and taking it easy with crackers and ginger ale usually helps me. Doesn't leave me all "tied-up" later, either. :D
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Dramamine. says motion sickness - but it works for regular nausea for me. Might make you drowsy.
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Unless you are at risk of dehydration because of vomiting (which is obviously not the case) I think it is best to ride it out. Your stomach is telling you something. If you need to throw up--throw up. My guess is that this will pass in the next hour or so. The conventional OTC are Pepto Bismol (which may cause constipation) or a tablet for air/sea/travel sickness. Personally, I eat ginger snaps--or ginger in any reasonable form. Hope it passes quickly
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Peppermint tea
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I like to take a whole clove, lightly chomp on it, then stick it in a cheek. I suspect this works because it breaks the bad taste/nausea cycle.

Candied ginger or real ginger ale sometimes works for me, too.
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Pepto makes chewable tabs and regular swallow-with-water pills that are my go-to for nausea, particularly since I'm grossed out by the idea of the regular drinkable Pepto.
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I agree with most people on here. Ginger is the gift for preggers people...and peppermint (extract, tea, etc) usually works pretty well on kids (it did on my when I was little).

I don't know anything about your specific type of nausea or whats causing it.

I remember I was on here a few months ago looking for a hangover cure. Someone suggested a couple of hits from the bong...and a few people favorited it. I wasn't really keen on the idea of using marijuana like that...but I tried it the next time a few months later...HOLY KRAP that worked.

And getting back to ginger...get some REAL ginger ale/beer. Specialty alcohol shops/health food stores carry the darkish liquid with real pieces of ginger in there. Thats good stuff. Try it.

Good luck. Also...it would be cool if you told us what worked at the end.
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Did you take a multivitamin today? I've found that if I take one and didn't eat enough, I feel really sick to my stomach.

Otherwise: ginger ale. Try to get the real stuff.
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Aren't you just low on salt? I mean, a chocolate cake at breakfast and then only water...
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Ginger worked for me when Compazine, Reglan and Zofran didn't.

Ginger is what you want. I prefer it in tea form.
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Nauzene Chewable Tablets are absolutely amazing. They work very fast and are better than the liquid, imo. I have used them to keep rotovirus vomiting at bay, even.
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Dramamine is wicked-awesome for me, if you can get past the whole "in fifteen minutes I will fall asleep regardless of what is happening around me" thing.
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Ginger. Also, Alka-Seltzer settles my stomach really well. I use the version that doesn't have aspirin in it.
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Peppermint tea.
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Response by poster: Hey all. Ended up taking a majority of your suggestions and got this weird ginger gum, and some pepto tablets. I don't know if it's a psychological/placebo effect but it seems to have worked and now I'm eating food.

The ginger gum was freaking delicious by the way.
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Ginger ale, stirred so it's more or less flat, is good.

Essentially, dramamine = benadryl = OTC sleep aids = diphenhydramine.

Mostly I just wanted to offer a reminder that sometimes when you're feeling pukey it's because you ate something you ought to puke.
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There's also a liquid called Emetrol for nausea (I know Walgreens also sells their own version). I've used it before when I couldn't risk the drowsiness of Dramamine or Bonine. It's OTC.
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For mild nausea I start with papaya pills (whole foods brand is tasty enough). Bad indigestion I need anything with ranitidine (ingredient in zantac). Alka seltzer for more extreme cases. Full-blown nausea I've only found two things worth using: ginger (the real stuff -- I go all out and grate fresh stuff and brew it as tea, then add miso or brown-rice syrup) and brown rice with salt (eat it slooooow). If you ever get outright food poison, this will work. I swear I'm not a hippy.
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FYI, if you do have acid reflux (I'm guessing from the Tums), don't chose peppermint tea - it relaxes the sphincter muscle that's already not closing properly and makes the reflux worse.

Ginger's great though.
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Peppermint tea. Ginger tea.

You can put honey in either of them, and that will help, too.

I don't know if you can get Maxolon (Metoclopramide hydrochloride) over the counter where you are, but if so, that's the best antinausea medicine around - GPs recommend it for the nausea that accompanies migraines.
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