Christmas trees made out of bamboo?
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When I lived in the Philippines, we had a Christmas tree assembled out of bamboo. Every year I search online for a source for these, but this year, as previously, I've come up empty. Does anyone know who sells them? It was my understanding at the time that they were very common (there), but now all trace of them seems to have vanished.
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I remember you mentioning this last year, rushmc. I hope you have better luck this year! It would help if we knew - is the tree made up just of the shoots, or is it made up of the whole branch, including the leaves? Is is real bamboo, or fake? Is the tree assembled branch by branch, or is it a whole plant that's been trained to grow into a Christmas tree shape?
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i come from the philippines and i just spoke with several sources on this product. it seems that new regulations and shipping costs have discouraged importers from adding this into their product lines. one designer says its just simply not the trend anymore. they're fairly easy to make - if you can find those smaller branches.

the closest product i found online is this. good luck and "maligayang pasko!"*
*merry christmas!
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Actually, iconomy, they consisted of a large central piece of bamboo comprising the trunk, with medium sized pieces coming off of that for branches, and smaller pieces that fit into the branches (twigs, I guess), from which you hung the ornaments. So the whole thing was assembled from pieces of bamboo of different lengths and widths. Dried, tan bamboo, not the green stuff (and no leaves), so that you could store it away and use it year after year. It sounds awful, I know, but was really pretty neat.

Thanks, azul, and maligayang pasko to you too! Maybe one of these years they'll come back into fashion.
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somebody just emailed me from home and said a few people still make them but sadly the fake fir ones have simply taken over.

iconomy: they almost looked like those retro aluminum trees, just tan. like avocado green, i'm sure they'll be back.
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I wish I could help you: I can't, but just wanted to say that you've reminded me of a happy memory. My family moved to Hong Kong when I was five or so. 1980 would have been our first Christmas there, and my parents couldn't find a tree at all, so Dad made one from bamboo. All Christmas trees since (and mine this year's a beauty) have been pale shadows.

Could you make one? I can see if he still has the blueprint...
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1979 was the Christmas I was in the Philippines, calico, so same time frame. I fear I lack the skill to make one, but would be interested in seeing any instructions you might have, if they're not too hard to dig up.
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