Lingerie for the Big-of-Boob
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Where can I find honeymoon-worthy lingerie for the big-of-boob?

The problem: I'm not a big girl (size 12) but no one told my boobs that- they're a "healthy" G. I'm getting married soon and want to be pretty on my wedding night and honeymoon. I'd love to find a traditional white set, robe and gown, that is simple and elegant.

I've been searching for a couple of months and all I can seem to find is a) stuff that I know won't fit and b) true plus-sized stuff that would drown the rest of my body (and looks pretty tacky too)! I know there have been threads about big bras and dresses for big-boobed girls, so I know I'm not alone in MeFi land. Please help a sister out!
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Man, metafilter sure broadens your horizons. Just in reading other questions I now know all sorts of things about bra advice. I think it might be time to find a new time-waster.

Dig this thread which has a lot of custom bra fitting advice in it.
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All the good quality, large cup-size underwear I've ever found is from the UK. I don't know where you are, but most places ship internationally, and I assume price isn't too much of a factor for a honeymoon.

Rigby and Peller
are great, and they also do made-to-measure, although maybe only in store. Their website has at least two bridal style bras in a G cup.

Bravissimo are also very good, they have stuff from a range of manufacturers, but they don't stock anything that isn't pretty tried and tested for large cup sizes.

Good luck! I'd love to hear what you choose. I'm only a DD/E, but I feel your pain.
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why don't yoy get one of the larger size ones and then find yourself a good tailor to tailor it to your frame?
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Try Snares of Venus. They have lots of pretty stuff and do a ton of custom work. Tailoring an item in a fabric as wispy as a chiffon nighty might be as tricky as stitching a Kleenex, so you may want to go with something custom made for your shape as opposed to buying something premade and trying to tailor it.
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And possibly here. I know you said you're only a size 12, but that size considers 12 and up plus size. (What happened to 16 and up?!)
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I'm the editor of a lingerie blog (and a G cup myself), and depending on what your exact taste is, here are a couple of ideas:

The Italian brand Bacurabati does one lovely white set up to a G.

Panache is a tried and true brand for G cups (as i'm sure you'll know), their Venus set is always a winner if you're okay with lacy-lacy lingerie:

Since you're a G cup, you may want to consider a basque/bustier for your wedding day, as they will give you extra support during the wedding but will still look beautiful -- Panache has a great bustier set, or you could go whole hog with the Rigby & Peller Opulence Set (which is probably the closest you'll get to an entire matching set, they have bras in that set too)

For robes and nightgowns, there's a few places you should definitely look:

If you're splashing out, try Spoylt's Eternity collections -- they have a babydoll and matching robe that is absolutely to die for.

You might also have a look at Julianne's loungewear/robes -- it's stunning lingerie and i think her chemises would be perfect for a wedding night.

Finally, if you're more into old-world Romantic looks, try Claire Pettibone's gowns -- they're incredibly detailed and would be perfect for a honeymoon.

You should also definitely check out Miss Mandalay and Jodi Gallaer if you haven't already seen them -- while i don't think they have anything specifically bridal, they're designers who specialise in large cups and small backs, so they'd probably be perfect for you in general.
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