Help me send to a new folder via right-click in XP
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I want "send to a new folder" to be on my "send to" right-click menu (XP)

In XP, you can right-click, and send your files plenty of places. You can download sendtotoys, and that gives you a bunch of options, but no new folder option. You can scour the internet, and find this this tool. But that tool gives me a runtime error (#52, to be precise). The author hasn't replied to my emails, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the runtime files as well as the (very small) program itself.

So, mefites, tell me: How can I send to a new folder with a right click on a file?
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In XP, I can right click a file in a folder, select cut, open the new folder and right click, then select paste. Your software might vary.
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Kwanster: you're asking for a selection that makes the new folder and puts the file in it, right? Sounds handy.
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No, if I'm reading him right, he wants to create a new folder and copy that file to the folder in a single action just by right-clicking on the file and choosing a custom "send to" option.

You'll need third-party software to do this, or roll your own. I'm pretty sure you could do something like this with a batch file.
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Whoops, that "No" was for Cranberry.
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Response by poster: Yes, StickyCarpet, indeed I am. And I agree with your assessment. If Cranberry was snarking, I hope s/he sees the light about the handiness of the little feature.
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Response by poster: And middleclasstool, I can barely nest three IF statements in Excel without convulsing, so rolling my own would be quite an endeavor. I just wish the little third-party program I found actually worked.
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sendtotoys WFM on XP. Send To -> Folder -> Make New Folder.
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Where would you expect/want the folder to be? I can imagine scripting this with a simple bat file assuming you'd put all the new folders in the same place, but not if you expected to be able to first pick the location of the folder.
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Response by poster: kcm- I feel like a bit of a dumbass, for not noticing that, and thanks for pointing it out. It's the next-best thing, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for-- too many keystrokes.

Ideally, I right click, choose "send to new folder," and with no other input, a new folder is created on the desktop, containing the item(s) I selected.
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This page gives the steps for adding commands to right click menus and seems pretty easy to follow. You can make a simple batch file to do the actual work. Something like this should work:

mkdir "New Folder"
move %1 "New Folder"

and have it run with the filename as the parameter.
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That will run into problems if you already have a folder called New Folder, however.
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Extending the Windows Shell has a step-by-step guide to do exactly what you want but has two drawbacks: first, it assumes you care about how the code you're using works, and second, all the images are missing, which makes it less clear.
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