Clay in Dublin?
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Clay in Dublin: In a pretty massive change of directions, Slothrop and I will be moving to Dublin this fall for 9 months. He'll be busy doing his Fulbrighty stuff, and I'll be busy doing, well, whatever I want. What I want is to have access to some kind of ceramic studio.

We're both artists, but frankly, clay has a lot more accessories than painting. It's also dirtier, and needs lots of space. He can probably work wherever we live, but I'm going to need access to a ceramics studio.

I've done an internet search, and nothing seems to be popping up, other than 'paint your own' shops. From my other international travel experiences, I know that most communities have ceramic studios that are open to the public for a fee. . .

Does anyone know of communal spaces in Dublin, or schools that might be willing to work out a deal? I have an advanced degree, and plenty of teaching cred if that makes a difference. I'm not looking for anyone to fund me, I just want a place where I could rent/trade space to work and a kiln to fire in. If there are any filterites working in clay in Dublin, your expertise is greatly appreciated!
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I think Galway might be a much better bet for this sort of thing.
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If you don't get an answer here perhaps you could call one of the art colleges or even someone at the Arts Council's offices and see if they can help.
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Hey Dirtmonster!

Check out Ceramics Ireland - looks like an extremely helpful journal, with links to courses and other Irish Potters.

The Crafts Council of Ireland might be another place to look - they might even make you an honorary member!
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