How to get dust out of my Razr (phone)
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I carry my cell phone in my pocket (front right), and they have all suffered from "dust under the screen" syndrome. I thought the problem would be solved by switching to a clam shell (my trusty Razr), but no... it still persists.

How can I get the dust out from behind the screen? Should I stop carrying cocaine in the same pocket as my phone? Seriously, my pockets aren't that dirty, so I don't even know where the mysterious dust is coming from. Hope me, please!
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I get this too. To make things worse, I turn wood as a hobby so I get craploads of wood chips and stuff in there. I don't have a flip phone, but with mine I can crack the front off and blow it out with compressed air. Does the cover of your phone come off? Some of that air-in-a-can should work.
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Deodorant dust. You can change your deodorant to something that doesn't produce the dust or change the place you keep you phone so the dust doesn't fall on it, or just tuck in your shirt.
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You need a bat utility belt upon which you can hang your phone, pda, pager (are these ancient history yet?) and perhaps a calculator. Add a Borg-look bluetooth headset to complete the look. OK, putting it on your belt helps keep it clean, but yes, it does look dorky.

Where does this dust come from? I carry my phone in my pocket and it doesn't get this problem. Try washing your trousers with the pockets out to get them cleaner.
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Do you wear shirts with pockets? I keep my E815 in my shirt pocket and don't really have the dust problem...
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Response by poster: Damn this dastardly deodorant dust!
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My K750 has recently started suffering from this. Annoying as hell. I'm considering a rubber casing (iSkin-esque) when I get my next phone, but the rubber cases themselves just seem to attract more dust!
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Response by poster: I don't think the face comes off on the Razr. How did it get in there in the first place? I've been shooting compressed air into every crack on this phone!
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yeah, if you take it apart you should be able to clean off the dust. Of course, if you can't take it apart...
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Best answer:

(Go towards the bottom of this one)
Apparently there is a way to get behind the screen w/o taking the whole thing apart.
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Response by poster: 4ster, I don't know how to thank you. You are the king of this post. The king!
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Glad it helped. :-) Just let us know if it works. I have a Treo, but my brother and his wife have Razrs.
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I just tried the peel the cover for the lcd screen off and clean method and it worked like a charm.
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I just got my RAZR replaced under warranty. I had dust under my screen as well and had only had the phone for 2 months. When I called Cingular about it, they said it had been a problem with a lot of RAZRs and there wasn't much to do about it but replace the phone, which they did.
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