Google Maps, Driving directions to multiple locations
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How can I create driving directions in Google Maps to multiple locations at once?

For instance, I would like Google Maps to give me driving directions from, say, Springfield, MO to St. Louis, MO to Nashville, TN.

Google Maps seems to break after the 2nd "to" and will only give me directions from Springfield to St. Louis, or St. Louis to Nashville - is there any way to combine this into one map query?

There are a lot of 3rd party sites that will do this "as the crow flies" but I'm looking for something that utilizes the driving directions (ie: follows roads).

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Best answer: you can't! try yahoo maps beta
posted by soma lkzx at 1:30 PM on May 30, 2006

Response by poster: I'm not seeing how you can do it with Yahoo Maps beta either.
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I 2nd the Yahoo maps BETA suggestion, here's an example from recentish AskMe thread.
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Response by poster: Nevermind, I got it. Thanks!

(any other suggestions on how to do it with Google would be appreciated.)
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You can do it on maps. AND you can right click somewhere, and it will tell you where that is. I've been wanting google maps to figure that out for a while.
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Response by poster: I also noticed that with Yahoo Maps, you can right click and get directions TO or FROM that location. Awesome.
posted by nitsuj at 2:12 PM on May 30, 2006 maps are quite amazing! Right clicking and adding multiple waypoints to a journey, have it look up the details AND give directions is fantastic!
It's too bad they only cover North America :(
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you can't!

Like hell you can't.

I wrote an easy-to-use script that takes any Google Earth-exported .KML file and maps it out for you. Just plot the points in Google Earth, save the file, get your own Google developer ID (it's free), and that's it.

I'd give you a link but my website is down. Send me an email, or (if enough people care) I can post the code here. It's pretty simple stuff.
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Google earth will do this "out of the box" anyways, wont it?
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I haven't used it in a few months, so they may have upgraded it to export directly to HTML + J/S, but I kinda doubt it, as you need a developer's key that's tied to your web server's URL. I could be wrong, though.
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