How can I get the sound files out of a Playstation game?
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Any idea where/how I can get the sound files out of a PlayStation game? Specifically, I want Phil Hartman's voice clips from Blasto. [more inside]

An added wrinkle is that I don't currently own the game or even a console to play it on, although my son is getting a PS2 for Christmas from Santa.
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As I recall Blasto was a PS1 game (tho it would be compatable with the new system) You could try downloading one of these Playstation emulators. Once the game is running on your computer there are (I know there are, but I am blanking on the names right now) several resources you can use to capture any sound running thru your machine.
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Oh, if Windows-bound MeFites are looking for a wiretap-like application, I've been using Total Recorder for a few days now. It has a small learning curve, but it sits between the WDM layer and your regular soundcard driver, so your system just thinks it's playing to soundcard. It will write raw WAV or encode to MP3 or OGG on the fly.

It's $12 for a standard license, but it's shareware so you can try it out. I've found it to be well worth it.
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Excellent! Thanks for the answer j.edwards!

(kudos would have gone to thirteen, but I've been pc-enabled free for lo, these many years)
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