My computer beeps continuously. What's happening?
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I noticed my computer starting to beep often about 2 years ago (I think) even when I'm just browsing the Inkernet. I have a feeling that's not normal.

I'm on Pentium 4, 2.4Ghz system with 512MB of RAM. My motherboard is Asus P4PE. You can listen to the beeps here. I was scrolling up and down a page on AskMeFi when I recorded that.

When I'm doing something a little more CPU intensive (working on Photoshop, for eg) the beeping is more frequent. When I'm trying to edit a video, it progresses into a symphony.

I didn't pay much attention to the beeping all these years but now I'm quite concerned. Please help!
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Perhaps it's that beep that indicates that your keyboard cache is full? That thing that says you've pressed so many keys that the system needs a minute to catch up?
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My comp makes similar, stuttering beeps when I have a lot of programs going, and I'm scrolling the mousewheel.
It's a memory/catch-up thing.
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Is it coming from your soundcard? It's probably just interferance that the soundcard isn't filtering out. My old PC used to have this problem.
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Response by poster: It's gotta be coming from somewhere on the motherboard. If it's just interference, then that doesn't justify the increase in the beeping during cpu intensive work, does it?

the memory/catch-up thing makes sense tho. so what should I do? increase my ram, I suppose?
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The more work the CPU is doing, the more noise gets generated, and the more you hear through interference. I can't listen to the sound file, it may be something else..

If it is interference, make sure the volume on your sound card is close to maximum, and try to control volume at the speakers/amplifier rather than in software. Also, check out this recent question: The sound of silence.
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If it's just interference, then that doesn't justify the increase in the beeping during cpu intensive work,

Modern CPUs disable when there's no work to be done, and can even turn off parts of the chip that arn't in use. So more CPU = More EM interferance.

Like I said, my old computer had this problem, although the noise was pretty quite compared to like winamp or something, it was still pretty irritating.
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sorry, your link to the noise is dorfed for me, so i can't hear it.

but if it's the same kind of beeping as the beeps you get when you start it up, it might be your computer warning you that your CPU is getting hot. this would happen more frequently if you're doing processor-intensive things. (mine was beeping incessantly when my thermal compound had gotten all dried out and the cpu was overheating).
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Our PC did the same thing after we had to replace the motherboard, we took it back to the shop who installed/sold us the motherboard and after a day of fiddling around they couldn't find anything wrong with it and suggested we just disconnect the computer's internal speaker if it was bugging us. That was back in January and the PC's still doing fine.

In our case:
Cause: motherboard
Solution: disconnected internal speaker
Result: it's all good
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