Where can I find the John Basedow theme song online?
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I'm shocked, horrified, and absolutely appalled that several people I know and love have not seen the John Basedow commercial featuring his new theme song. Where can I find this video or audio clip?

The lyrics are, and I quote:

He's John Basedow.
He's gonna show you how
To reach your potential
And turn your whole life around

Fitness made simple!

The emphasis is on the song. Everytime I sing it, I'm met with confusion -- I'd like to rectify this situation, but my Google-fu is falling short.
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Just TiVo a bunch of late night TV. Should be in there somewhere.
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That song is basically the college test of how much bad TV you watch. It's pretty unfortunate how much I hear that song belted out at the most random moments.

I don't have any sound hooked up right now but this looks like it might be the right thing.
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CNN and Fox run those ads all throughout the day. I've considered joking to friends that the jingle is the new Daft Punk tune.
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Wait, this is nation wide? I sort of just assumed it was around here.

I swear to god, I had a dream where John Basedow ran this gym where everyone had to be naked, but it turned out to be a cult or something. And he was a huge ass. I still love him, though.
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Mod note: removed link, put it in your profile if you think people can't/won't google it
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I don't have any sound hooked up right now but this looks like it might be the right thing.

No, that dosn't have the song.
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Scroll down on this page.
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I thought I was the only one who did that. Growing and learnong with AskMefi.
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Best answer: This ytmnd has the full jingle, as does this one; this one has half the chorus. This commercial (hit "play") on Fitness Made Simple's page has part of the jingle, but not the verse you're looking for. Your pal can see short commercials (but no full infomercials) on that site to get a feel for how cheesy they are (or alternatively, to get a feel for how out of place his tiny, tiny boy's head looks on his man-beefed body).
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