Best free indie games?
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I just finished Cave Story and loved every minute of it. What are some other exemplary free indie games?
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Nifflas' Games, home to Knytt and Within a Deep Forest. I haven't played WaDF, but Knytt is pleasing and non-combative, purely an exploratory game. It's fairly short too.
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Best answer: You might enjoy these sites:

Updated nearly daily!! :)
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Best answer: La-Mulana.
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Seiklus isn't just a great (free) indie game, it's one of my favorite games ever.
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Bluewish resurrection is one of my favourite.
It's a SHMUP so it's very hard.
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Best answer: Try this thread over at The Gamer's Quarter. I haven't perused the thread myself even though I'm a regular, but I would trust their judgment; they're a smart bunch of chaps.
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"N" is a 'load-runner-esque' platformer. Free, and has some really accomplished level design (I believe the tally is 500 levels, not including the user-created levels that are downloadable from within the client).

It is cross-platform as well, which is a plus from Mac users! (A lot of these indie games seem to be Windows only, unfortunately).

Oh, and I hear it's getting a Nintendo DS port as well! I guess that makes it something of a success story.
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Cloud is wonderful - nice artsy, anime feel.
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every extend (download here) is truly brilliant and quite addicting. especially if you have a nice usb gamepad.

due to its nature, however, the gameplay is much much shorter than the exploration type games mentioned above...

definitely going to be checking out cave story, cloud and most of those others, thanks ppl!
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seconding every extend
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