Bayou's booze: Help me choose
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What's a creative liquor or other alcoholic beverage to bring to a "Cajun/Creole" dinner party?

It's tonight, so mail-order won't help.

The best I can come up with is Absolut Peppar...
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Pernod or Agonostra (spelling?) bitters. They mix well, and you can drink 'em straight.
Also, you can buy "moonshine" or "white lightning" at most liquor stores now. It became some kinda fad a couple years ago.
And you can't go wrong with mixing up some big jugga a southern cocktail.
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When in New Orleans (or at home for that matter), my drink of choice is a Pimm's Cup. You should be able to find Pimm's #1 in any respectable liquor store. Then make another stop at the grocery store for some 7-up and a cucumber or two and you'll be the belle of your cajun/creole ball. Does a fine job of taking the heat off of spicy foods as well.
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Go to the liquor store and get the ingredients to make the Sazerac cocktail:

1 teaspoon of simple syrup (or 1 sugar cube or 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar)
3 - 4 dashes Peychaud's bitters
2 ounces rye whiskey (Old Overholt if possible)
1/4 teaspoon Herbsaint, a New Orleans brand of anise liqueur (You may use Pernod, or some other pastis or absinthe substitute)
Strip of lemon peel
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i'm with klangklangston, pernod pernod pernod!
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I love a well made Hurricane. You can include tons of fruit and different types of rum for originality.

Though it's sort of tricky to make a REALLY GREAT hurricane. Good luck.
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Note that Peychaud's and Angostura bitters are very very different. You may be able to find Peychaud's by asking for "French bitters."
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If you are going the New Orleans route you might as well try your hand at Mint Juelps. A truly refreshing beverage although a bit difficult to perfect.

A minor quibble: Cajuns and Creoles refer to two distinctly different groups. Most of the recommendations thus far (including mine) are for drinks associated with New Orleans not necessarily Cajuns or Creole. Most of the Cajuns i've met drink cheap domestic beer.
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Ooh, I wonder what Pernod and iced chicory coffee would be like? I love Sambuca and regular iced coffee.

So where am I going to find Peychaud's bitters, here... in space... at this hour? (Or in Brooklyn? Any thoughts?)

My guess is that there will be both Cajun and Creole food served.
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Some beer from Dixie or Abita...both native to the southeast Louisiana coastal region, and damn good beer to boot.
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Definitely Abita. Dixie tastes like ass.
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Oh man, Abita Amber. You can't go wrong.
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LeNell's in Red Hook can hook you up with Peychaud's and just about anything else you might need. I'm sure the proprietress, who hails from down South herself, would have plenty of clever suggestions too.
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I grew up in Cajun country, and can confirm that the drinks of choice are: cheap domestic beer (or Abita, mmm); bloody marys (with lots of Tabasco); or mimosas.

Also daiquiris, from the drive-thru daiquiri place, of course!
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Peychaud's bitters and Old Overholt. And yes, LeNell's is Brooklyn's bitters emporium.
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Another vote for Abita. Really, really, really good stuff.
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A case of Dixie Blackened Voodoo from BevMo. Yum.
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Four buses later, I'm back from LeNell's (great store--hope they benefit from Fairway opening down the block) with bitters, Herbsaint, and Old Overholt.

Thanks, everyone!
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Beer: Abita Amber, or Turbodog, or Purple Haze. Can't go wrong.

Not beer: Sazerac, Mint Julep, Chartreuse.
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I was just at a family gathering of New Orleans folks (though I am not one of them, being from the more boring state of TN). No Internet for four days.

mds35, besides being a friend of mine, is absolutely right; the quintessential cocktail is the Sazerac. In fact, part of this gathering was that I had access to the contents of a New Orleans bar that was closed in the early 60s (they apparently had a strange proclivity for cherry brandy). I am now the proud owner of a bottle of Herbsaint that was probably cracked fifteen years before I was born. It's still good. I made a couple of Sazeracs over the weekend.

It's worth noting that Herbsaint is basicallly the closest thing people could make to absinthe without getting in trouble with the law after it was outlawed.

Now I need to go get me some rye for the home bar.
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