What is this amazing drink?
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A bartender made me an awesome drink that had basil, cucumber, strawberries, and (white?) rum in it. What was it?

I think that he combined the first three in a mortar and pestle and later added rum (and maybe some other stuff?). It was not very sweet at all but tasted light and refreshing and nice. (at least I think it was. I was already on the far end of schnockered when I drank it)

What is this drink? Or, how can I create a drink from these ingredients that tastes amazing?
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Did he bruise the cucumber first?
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Best answer: A mojito variation, perhaps, with strawberries as the sweetener?
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I think chudder is right on the money! My wife made a couple for me on a really hot day and they kicked ass. The cucs put them right over the top.
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If it's a fancier place, it could have been a caipirinha. Similar to a mojito but uses cachaca instead of rum. Strawberry, cucumber, and basil are not uncommon ingredients.
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If it didn't have mint and club soda, it's probably technically more of a caipirinha than mojito but most bartenders aren't that strict on nomenclature.
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No rum in it, but a Strawberry Basil Margarita is pretty good stuff.
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The basil-strawberries-lime-rum mojito variant is all kinds of Delicious, and this sounds a lot like it.

Never tried it with cucumber though. Sounds excellent.
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Response by poster: Thanks for answers so far. Yeah, it was a pretty nice place. When I drunkenly asked him about the drink all I can remember him saying is that he learned how to make it in Paris.
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"Did he bruise the cucumber first?"

Angry Viking?
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it's obviously a strawberry tzatziki daiquiri.
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Best answer: Can't you go back? Clearly you need to do more first-hand research.
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